VLSI Test System Model 3380

Caratteristiche principali
  • 50/100 MHz clock rate
  • 50/100 Mbps data rate
  • 1024 I/O pins (max. 1280 I/O pins)
  • Up to 1024 sites parallel testing
  • 32/64/128 pattern memory
  • 16M capture memory per pin
  • Various VI source
  • Flexible hardware architecture (interchangeable I/O, VI, ADDA,)
  • Real parallel trim/match function
  • Time and frequency measurement unit (TFMU)
  • STDF tools support
  • Test program/pattern converter (J750, D10, S50/100, E320, SC312, V7, TRI-6036, etc.)
  • AD/DA test (option)
  • SCAN test option (max. 2G M/chain)
  • ALPG test option for embedded memory
  • CRAFT C/C++ programming language
  • Software interface same as 3380P/3360P
  • User-friendly Windows 7 environment

To cope with the IC testing trend of highspeed, numerous pins, and integration of complicated functions in nowadays semiconductor industry, Chroma's 3380 VLSI Test Systems, the 3380D/3380P/3380 models, have adopted powerful functions according to different pin counts and parallel test ability, providing a complete test solution to fulfill customer's demands in cost and performance.

The 3380 VSLI test system equipped with a maximum of 1280 I/O channels, 256 VI sources, flexible architecture and comprehensive optional function boards (ADDA/Hi-voltage DPS) can meet the high parallel multi-site test tendency. The embedded 1024 I/O pins is capable of testing 1024 ICs in parallel. In addition to supporting the unique 4-wire HD VI source ICs, the 3380 can also test Mini & Micro LED driver IC, CMOS image sensor(CIS), and 3D images through its adjustable structure, which covers a wide range of applications for IC testing.

The 3380 can bridge to 3380D(256 pins) /3380P(512 pins)for higher productivity requirements. No matter it is installation, stability, friendly user interface, or high cost/ performance ratio, the 3380 Series VLSI test systems have been widely proven and adopted by Great China market.


  • MCU device
  • ADC/DAC mixed-signal IC
  • Logic IC
  • ADDA
  • ALPG
  • Smart card
  • CMOS image sensor (CIS)
  • Power IC (Class D IC)
  • Consumer IC
  • LED driver IC

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