Along the rapid development of technologies like 5G and AIoT, semiconductor devices now contain ever more functionalities, using "system in a package" and "heterogeneous integrated package" methods to run at higher speed with more connection pins. Chroma's semiconductor test solutions address all the needs of SoC by offering various specific functions, such as high-speed digital testing, high performance power source, high fidelity and low noise mixed signal testing, CMOS image sensor testing, as well as true wireless stereo and radio frequency testing. Chroma has also developed series of PXIe instruments and software, leveraging the benefits of PXIe's size and flexibility to drive all your semiconductor innovations.

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Sistemi di test SoC

SoC/AnalogTestSystem Model3650-S2
SoC/Analog Test System
Model 3650-S2
  • 12 slot universali per applicazioni digitali, analogiche e a segnale misto
  • Fino a 768 I/O digitali e pin analogici
  • Frequenza di clock 50/100 MHz;
  • Velocità dati 100/200 Mbps (MUX).
AdvancedSoCTestSystem Model3680
  • Taiwan Excellence 2022
Advanced SoC Test System
Model 3680
  • 24 interchangeable slots for digital, analog and mixed-signal applications
  • Data rate up to 1Gbps
  • Up to 2048 sites parallel test
  • Up to 2048 digital I/O pins
SoC/AnalogTestSystem Model3650
SoC/Analog Test System
Model 3650
  • Application coverage: PMIC, ADDA/Memory, Controller, MCU, and all sorts of consumer
  • Expandable platform with up to 640 channels
  • 50 / 100 MHz clock rate; 100 / 200 Mbps (MUX) data rate
  • Varieties of high density options, ranging from analog, ADDA, mixed-signal, to TIA
AdvancedSoC/AnalogTestSystem Model3650-EX
Advanced SoC/Analog Test System
Model 3650-EX
  • Application coverage: MCU, ADDA/Memory, Controller, PMIC, and all sorts of consumer
  • Expandable platform with up to 1024 IO channels and 96 DPS
  • 50/100 MHz, 200 MHz (MUX) Test Rate
  • Varieties of high density options include VI45, PVI100, HDADDA and MRX

Sistemi di test VLSI

VLSITestSystem Model3380P
VLSI Test System
Model 3380P
  • 100Mhz clock rate, 512 I/O channels (Max to 576 pins)
  • Up to 512 sites Parallel testing
  • Various VI source
  • Flexible Architectures: Slot interchangeable I/O, ADDA, VI source
VLSITestSystem Model3380D
VLSI Test System
Model 3380D
  • 100 MHz clock rate, 256 I/O digital I/O pins
  • Up to 256 sites Parallel testing
  • Various VI source
  • Flexible HW-architecture (Interchangeable I/O, VI, ADDA)
VLSITestSystem Model3380
VLSI Test System
Model 3380
  • 100Mhz clock rate, 1024 I/O channels (Max to 1280 pins)
  • Up to 1024 sites Parallel testing
  • Various VI source
  • Flexible Architectures: Slot interchangeable I/O, ADDA, VI source
UniversalRelayDriverControl Model33011
  • PXI Systems Alliance
Universal Relay Driver Control
Model 33011
  • PXIe based universal relay control
  • 32CH direct relay drivers
  • 2 lanes of SPI relay control interface
SchedaIOdigitalePXIeadaltavelocità Model33010
  • PXI Systems Alliance
Scheda IO digitale PXIe ad alta velocità
Model 33010
  • Connettore bus PXIe standard
  • Frequenza massima di clock di 100MHz
  • 32 canali per scheda

Handler Pick & Place per circuiti integrati

SingleSiteTestHandler Model3210
Single Site Test Handler
Model 3210
  • SLT handler 
  • Ideal for early device design and engineering validation
  • Compatible kit to scale-up production
  • ATC Tri-temp -40℃ to 150℃ IC test
HybridSingleSiteTestHandler Model3110
Hybrid Single Site Test Handler
Model 3110
  • FT and SLT compatible handler 
  • Compatible kit to scale-up production
  • ATC Tri-temp -40 to 150 ℃ IC test (Optional -55 to 150℃ , -70 to 150℃)
  • Auto tray loading/unloading and device sorting capability
Gestoreacontrollotermicoattivoagammacompleta Model3110-FT
  • CE Mark
Gestore a controllo termico attivo a gamma completa
Model 3110-FT
  • Prova di temperatura -40~125℃
  • Test finale o test di livello del sistema
  • Imballaggio 3x3 mm~45x45 mm
HandlerditestSingleSitedatavolo  Model3111
  • CE Mark
Handler di test Single Site da tavolo 
Model 3111
  • La macchina è progettata per adattarsi al tavolo
  • Vassoi JEDEC (2)
  • Pacchetti IC: Da 5x5mm a 45x45mm
  • Binning configurabile sul software
Tri-TempOctalSitesHandler 3160-C
  • CE Mark
  • Taiwan Excellence 2018
Tri-Temp Octal Sites Handler
  • Tecnologia termica avanzata (Nitro TEC)
  • Tempo di indicizzazione più rapido 0,6 sec
  • Controllo termico attivo e intervallo di temperature completo
  • Design privo di camera
  • Supporta più ambienti (siti di prova singolo, doppio, quadruplo)
Gestorediprovainsitoottale Model3180
  • CE Mark
Gestore di prova in sito ottale
Model 3180
  • Fino a x8 siti di test paralleli
  • Fino a 9000 UPH
  • Prova di temperatura da ambiente~ 150 ℃
TemperatureForcingSystem Model31000RSeries
Temperature Forcing System
Model 31000R Series
  • -70°C to 150°C temperature range
  • Cost competitive
  • Compact footprint
  • Semi-automation
  • Liquid-free Operation