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The operation of Chroma Group has covered most of the precision tests and measurements for various professional fields to provide turnkey test and automation solutions, also stridden across the areas of semiconductor materials, LED Chip & semiconductor inspection service, industrial PC, commercial LED/LCD monitor, electric scooter and electric vehicle powertrain system. In recent years Chroma was selected as the best revenue in Taiwan manufacturers among Asia Top 200 for $1 billion dollars enterprises by the US well-known business magazine, Forbes. Also the FinanceAsia magazine has named Chroma as the Best Mid-Cap and Best Managed Company for consecutive years.

Chroma Group has strong R&D team and to ensure its leading technology. The group devotes significant amount of investment and resource to research and development each year. Numerous patents have been applied and granted for innovative technologies to sustain company's future growth and leading competitive advantages. The products of Chroma have been recognized and granted with Taiwan Excellence Gold Award, Industry Excellence Contribution Award and the Outstanding Photonics Product Award. Chroma, as a reputation of good brand, has been built relied on customer’s trust among various industries.

Besides pursuing business growth, Chroma Group also demonstrates its care for society by joining activities for public welfare aggressively and sponsoring academic organizations to boost the science research and development in campus, and global environment by developing solutions for Clean Technology industries. The actions not only can infuse new energy into Taiwan technology industry but also promote the local culture and help our Eco world.

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