Chroma ATE HQ Demo Room Wins 2023 German iF Design Award

25 Sep 2023

Chroma ATE is proud to announce that its headquarters’ product demonstration suite (Demo Room) has been honored with the 2023 German iF DESIGN AWARD. This prestigious international accolade celebrates exceptional design and innovation. From almost 11,000 submissions from 56 countries, a panel of 133 international jurors meticulously selected outstanding designs. The evaluation criteria included innovation, functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, and user experience, resulting in only 2,104 winning entries.

Precision, Reliability, and Uniqueness in Spatial Design

Chroma's Demo Room features a visually striking ceiling design with intersecting triangular light troughs at the center of the space. The triangles symbolize the company's commitment to precision, reliability, and uniqueness in measurement technology, smart manufacturing systems, and integration capabilities for intelligent automation. The interplay of intersecting high and low lines creates a visually dynamic effect, reflecting the complexity and versatility of Chroma’s integrated smart solutions. The spatial arrangement allows for independent use of each area for different product segments while also providing a comprehensive showcase of Chroma's offerings. The intersecting layout addresses the need for smooth flow while protecting the privacy of visiting clients. Smart, energy-efficient, and sustainable concepts are brought to life in both the furnishings and structural elements.

Smart Displays and Digital Navigation

Using smart displays enables remote operation and easy content changing, reducing waste and safety risks tied to manually swapping posters in poster racks. Smart displays also allow for brightness adjustments in different scenarios to create varying atmospheres. Digital guidance devices activate video playback when visitors approach the exhibition area, and return to standby mode afterwards to minimize energy consumption.

Energy-Efficient Lighting and Air Conditioning

The overall power supply for the demonstration space is scheduled to operate during business hours and shut down during off-hours. Through zone-based lighting, the system efficiently controls lighting and air conditioning usage. The air conditioning operates in two-hour increments, allowing users to tailor its usage according to their needs. When the space is unoccupied, both the air conditioning and lighting remain inactive.

Sustainable Building Materials and Paints

The design of the Demo Room fully embodies Chroma's commitment to sustainability. Paints were chosen for their natural mineral composition, with zero formaldehyde, zero plasticizers, and minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs), complying with green building material standards. Construction planning prioritized prefabrication to minimize waste, ensuring both on-site air quality during construction as well as the well-being of future occupants. Beyond just the demonstration space, Chroma's headquarters has fully embraced sustainable design principles and practices in aspects such as ecology, energy-saving, waste reduction, and health, achieving the esteemed Gold Level Green Building Certification.

For more details on the award, please visit the official iF website:

This award-winning space was crafted by Yan Partnership Architects in collaboration with Tianyi Engineering.

▲Chroma ATE Headquarters Demo Room secures German iF Design Award


▲A glimpse of the Demo Room