Five Technical Challenges for Battery Pack End-of-Line Test Stations


EV Battery

The emerging growth of the electric vehicles (EV) market has recently generated great demand for EV battery packs. This imposes significant challenges on battery manufacturers' ability to test and validate battery modules and packs effectively and efficiently, especially during tests with high voltage. Additionally, it is also critical to ensure the compilation of associated test standards and regulations during the test phases in the manufacturing process.

In general, there are four primary test phases with associated test functionalities and systems:

  1. Sub-Module Welding Test 
  2. Module-level End-of-Line (EOL) Test 
  3. Automatic Test System (ATS) for module-level In-Line (IL) Test 
  4. Automatic Test System (ATS) for pack-level End-of-Line (EOL) Test 

These test phases and systems come with technical and logistic challenges. Based on the years of experience in assisting the OEM customers globally in testing battery modules and packs, Chroma ATE hereby presents a detailed analysis of the top five challenges of EOL ATS.