Common Specifications and Test Instructions of Battery Cells



Due to the advantages of high performance, low carbon emission, and low noise, electric vehicles have become the development trend of automobiles, which will change people's mobile experience and car use habits. The evolution of lithium batteries has enabled electric vehicles to be realized and more superior. As the performance of electric vehicles is inextricably linked with lithium batteries, the battery quality has a great impact on acceleration, endurance, charging time, warranty, and even safety. What are the differences between the same lithium batteries in characteristics? What test methods can be used to compare the characteristics differences? This article gives you a comprehensive understanding of the basic performance of vehicle batteries through common vehicle battery test specifications.

Common Specifications & Test Instructions of Battery Cells
  • Charge & Discharge OCV Table
  • Rated Capacity
  • Power and DCIR
  • Cycle Life
  • Calendar Life
How to Use Chroma 17010 for IEC 62660-1 Test Items

The IEC 62660-1 standard is an international test standard for lithium-ion secondary batteries in newenergy vehicles, including battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). It serves to assess the performance of battery cells and its evaluation items include capacity (Ah), power density (W / l), energy density (Wh / l), storage life, and cycle life. Only battery cells that comply with the variety of indicators can be used in new energy battery pack design. This application note will focus on the relevant electrical tests introduced in the IEC 62660-1: 2010 standard, and explain howto implement the test plan using the Chroma 17010 charge and discharge test system.

How to use Chroma 17010 to execute IEC 61960 test items

IEC 61960 is an international standard for testing lithium-ion secondary battery cells on portable devices. The objective is to evaluate the performance of battery cell and battery for capacity, cycle performance and internal resistance. At present, this standard has been used as the reference for proposed test plan in the relevant specifications of battery cell or battery in Japan, China, and other countries. This article focuses on introducing the related electrical tests in the IEC 61960:2011 specification and explains how to implement the test plan through the Chroma 17010 charge and discharge test system.

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