Poignée à contrôle thermique actif à gamme complète Model 3110-FT

  • CE Mark
Caractéristiques principales
  • Temperature test of -40~125 ℃
  • Final test or system-level test
  • Package 3x3 mm~x45x45 mm
  • Control of the contact force 1~10 kg (optional)
  • Up to 4 exit bins
  • Remote control operation
  • Performance Monitor
  • Intelligent automatic retest and automatic retry
  • State of the plateau in real time

Ideal for test characterization and development, the Chroma 3110-FT is an innovative pick & place system for IC testing in the final test or at the system level. The system can handle a wide variety of device types and sizes ranging from 3x3mm to 45x45mm. To further increase productivity, the 3110-FT offers an optional remote control function to control the remote from anywhere with an Internet connection. Equipped with two automatic output tray stacks 2 and manual output trays, the 3110-FT maximize the capacity of loading and unloading to save time and money on a surface area of ​​1.4 m².

The 3110-FT can be configured to support virtually any industry-standard communication interface and offer different connection options for different testers. It is also capable of supporting thermal test environments from -40 ℃ to 125 ℃ that will ensure the durability of the devices. With a user-friendly graphical interface and fast device change, the change is quick and easy, further increasing flexibility and productivity.

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Poignée à contrôle thermique actif à gamme complète