Chroma CEO, Leo Huang, ranked No. 14 in Taiwan’s “2018 Top 50 Best-Performing CEOs”

14 Sep 2018

Chroma CEO, Leo Huang, ranked 14th in the 2018 Taiwan’s Top 50 Best-Performing CEOs by《Harvard Business Review》Traditional Chinese version. The ranking advanced 24 places comparing to the 38th in 2016. The ranking criteria of HBR were based on the total shareholder return and the change of company’s market capitalization within the CEO’s tenure. Since 2016, Chroma has grown more than doubled in both ROE, from 1,011% to 2,492%, and market value increment, from NT$34.5 billion to NT$71.4 billion.

Enhancing Product Value by Seizing the Market Trends

Chairman, Leo Huang, co-founded Chroma ATE Inc. in 1984 to provide high precision electronic test equipment and system, under the brand name “Chroma”. Significant markets Chroma serves include displays, power electronics, passive components, electrical safety, semiconductor/IC, LED, solar energy, green battery, electric vehicle and photonics industries. Chroma has been persistently and actively developing precise, reliable, and unique products with dedication to becoming a world-class enterprise of innovative technology and globalization.

Foresaw the booming market in electric vehicle, power battery, 3D sensor, 8K display, IoT semiconductor and green energy, Chroma has brought innovative test solutions to the market that drive the sales for the last two years. In capturing the Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing, Chroma is one of the few companies that encompasses measurement and smart-automation. With added AI industrial solution, Chroma can assist customers in improving the manufacturing process with big data analytics and machine learning providing a more complete turnkey solution. It not only satisfies the global 1st tier customers testing needs ensuring the performance and quality of their products, but also enriches the “Chroma” brand value.