Chroma's passive component test solutions provide the instruments, systems, and automated test equipment required for production and reliability testing on various passive components such as inductors, transformers, capacitors, and resistors. They can also be used to test the LCR and insulation resistance parameters. Chroma's electrical safety test solutions encompass measuring instruments such as AC and DC withstand voltage, insulation, ground resistance, and dynamic leakage current required by electronic products and parts. The automated systems meet composite testing of medical equipment. The partial discharge testers detect abnormal discharges to ensure product quality. For various electromagnetic coils, Chroma also provides high-tech layer short test equipment and comprehensive test equipment, which simplifies the complex requirements of the test system.

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LCR Meter / Auto Transformer Test System

RFLCRMeter Model11090-030
  • CE Mark
  • Rohs 2 Compliant
RF LCR Meter
Model 11090-030
  • Measurement parameters:Z、θz、 Y、 θy、 R、 X、G、B、Ls、Lp、Cs、Cp、Rs、Rp、D、Q
  • Test frequencies:100kHz~300MHz
  • Test signal:-40dBm~1dBm
  • Fast measurement:0.5 ms
  • Impedance measurement range:100mΩ~5kΩ
HFLCRMeter  Model11050Series
  • CE Mark
HF LCR Meter 
Model 11050 Series
  • Test frequency: 75kHz~30MHz/1kHz~10MHz/60Hz~5MHz
  • Basic accuracy: 0.1%
  • Measurement time: 7ms
  • Standard RS-232, Handler, and USB storage I/F, optional GPIB, LAN I/F
LCRMeter Model11021/11021-L
  • CE Mark
LCR Meter
Model 11021/11021-L
  • Test frequency: 100, 120, 1k, 10kHz (11021) / 1k, 10k, 40k, 50kHz (11021-L)
  • Basic accuracy: 0.1% (11021) / 0.2% (11021-L)
  • Measurement time: 75ms
  • Standard RS-232 I/F, optional GPIB & Handler I/F
LCRMeter Model11022/11025
  • CE Mark
LCR Meter
Model 11022/11025
  • Test frequency: 50, 60, 100, 120, 1k, 10k, 20k, 40k, 50k, 100kHz
  • Basic accuracy: 0.1%
  • Measurement time: 21ms
  • Standard RS-232, GPIB, and Handler I/F
CapacitanceMeter Model11020
  • CE Mark
Capacitance Meter
Model 11020
  • Test frequency: 100, 120, 1kHz
  • Basic accuracy: 0.1%
  • Measurement time: 5ms
  • Standard Handler I/F
AutomaticTransformerTester Model13350
  • CE Mark
Automatic Transformer Tester
Model 13350
  • Test frequency: 20Hz~200kHz / 20Hz~1MHz
  • Basic accuracy: 0.1%
  • Optional fixtures for different applications: 20ch scan unit, 80ch scan box, and C.T. test fixture
  • Standard RS-232, USB storage I/F, optional LAN & USB-H I/F
TransformerTestSystem/ComponentAnalyzer Model3250/3252/3302
  • CE Mark
Transformer Test System / Component Analyzer
Model 3250/3252/3302
  • Test frequency: 20Hz~200kHz (3250/3252) / 20Hz~1MHz (3302)
  • Basic accuracy: 0.1%
  • Optional 20ch scan box
  • Standard RS-232, Handler I/F, optional GPIB I/F only for LCR function
BiasCurrentSource Model1320/1320S/1320-10A
  • CE Mark
Bias Current Source
Model 1320/1320S/1320-10A
  • Frequency Response:
    • 1320/1320S/1320-10A: 20Hz~1MHz
  • Output current:
    • 1320-10A: 0.001A~10.00A
    • 1320/1320S: 0.001A~20.00A
  • Directly controlled by LCR meter 11022/11025/3252/3302 (1320/1320S/1320-10A)
  • Standard GPIB and Handler I/F
BiasCurrentTestSystem Model11300
  • CE Mark
Bias Current Test System
Model 11300
  • Frequency response: 20Hz~1MHz
  • Output current: up to 300.0 A by 20.00 A modules
  • Output current accuracy: 3%
  • Windows based software for curve analysis

Passive Component ATS

CapacitorTestSystem Model1820
Capacitor Test System
Model 1820
  • High frequency sine wave current: 1kHz~20kHz, 10kHz~200kHz
  • DC bias voltage: 5000V max.
  • Capacitor endurance & temperature rising test
  • Capacitor withstanding current test (frequency sweep)
  • Support with software control
  • Customized test module