Chroma offers complete solutions, both in terms of high quality instrumentation as well as outstanding service that begins with the first call to Chroma and continues long after your purchase through long-term product support. Our sales and service personnel work closely with you to help make the best selections for your applications. Then we continue to help you maximize your investment by ensuring optimum equipment performance. All this is accomplished through customer support programs ranging from training to product installations and a variety of maintenance plans.

Warranty Service

CHROMA ATE INC. warrants its instruments against all defects in workmanship and material. If you experience a problem with your instrument, our technicians are available to help you over the phone, or you can find our nearest service center for timely repair.

Calibration and Repair Service

Whatever your needs relating to test and measurement hardware support, you can trust our reliable and cost-effective support service to minimize your downtime and get you back to business swiftly.

Instrument Calibration

Keep your equipment operating with maximum precision: Chroma's calibration services are all traceable to national and international standards.

  • On-Site Calibration for All Major Instrument Brands
  • Service Center Instrument Calibration
Instrument Repair

Chroma offers a variety of flexible repair services to maximize instrument uptime, with just the coverage you need to get your device up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Instrument Repair Agreements
  • Instrument Standard Repair
Test System Calibration and Repair

Maximize your test system uptime with Chroma's flexible, custom-configurable service and support packages tailored to your specific needs.

  • On-site System Calibration
  • On-site System Repair
Service Warranty

Chroma service is unconditionally warranted for 90 days, except for misuse, damage, and disposables such as batteries and lamps. All calibrations are traceable to national and international standards.

Customer-Site Installations

Chroma provides on-site installations for most Chroma-configured systems. Your Chroma service person will set up your product to meet all operating specifications. Please contact your local sales and service office or sales agency for more information.

Product Upgrade

Older instruments may be upgraded in order to extend the life of the product on your bench or in your system. Upgrades include adding options or new functions, and/or updating firmware.

Replacement Parts

Reduce your inventory and free up your technical staff by taking advantage of our repair exchange modules and board assemblies. Simply call or fax in your purchase order and Chroma will send you a replacement part.


Chroma provides professional training courses to help you get up to speed and make the most of our products.

Technical Support

Chroma provides high quality technical support on applications, operation, measurement specification, hardware, and software, by expert application engineers. Please contact us for more information.

Long Term Product Support

Chroma supports its instruments for a period of five to ten years beyond the end of production (depending on the instrument), and wherever possible, we make the utmost effort to support our instruments for a much longer time.

Localized International Service

In addition to our headquarters in Taiwan, we have set up mobile offices at our European branches to accommodate the culture and customs of different countries. On our Chroma Business Coach, customers can make use of our automatic test systems and instruments without having to travel long distances; we also provide complete multimedia presentations and trainings on the bus. Please contact your nearest Chroma Europe service center if you are interested.

Service Needs and Fees

Please contact our company or our sales agents directly to inform us of any needs you have for service or support. We will reply immediately and provide a quotation to meet your service needs relating to any of our products.

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