15 Oct 2020

Experience Chroma's New Test Solutions at TAITRONICS

Chroma ATE will exhibit the latest test solutions for power supplies, batteries, electric vehicles, and energy storage at the Taipei International Electronics Show (TAITRONICS). Are you unable to visit in person? TAITRONICS invites you for digital partici


12 Oct 2020

Chroma ATE's Leo Huang Awarded No. 15 Best-Performing CEOs of Taiwan

On October 8, Chroma ATE's chairman Leo Huang was granted no. 15 during the 2020 award ceremony of the Taiwan Top 100 Best-Performing CEOs.


12 Oct 2020

Live Webinar - Energy Storage and Power Conversion System (PCS) Test Regulations and Requirements

In this webinar, you will learn about Energy Storage Systems and Power Conversion Systems and their applications. You will also learn about PCS performance testing, input/output feature testing, and protection testing to international regulations and requ


18 Sep 2020

Laser Diodes Used in 3D Sensing

This webinar provide in-depth information from types of 3D sensing technologies, light source consideration to testing requirements and challenges at different phases of Laser Diode production. And finally ends with testing solutions currently available a


28 Aug 2020

Webinar - A Better Insulation Test for Decreasing Risk of Electrical Shorts in Lithium-Ion Battery Cells

Fire or explosion in lithium-ion battery cells has developed into a serious topic with solutions for its prevention being more critical than ever. With current testing instrumentation, such as Hi-Pot or IR testers, detecting minor partial discharge or fla


07 Aug 2020

White Paper for Download: Implementation of 48V DC Input Ripple Immunity Testing

In order to meet the increasing power demand, 48V DC power sources are introduced in data centers, base stations, automotive electronics, and LED lighting.


29 Jul 2020

Factors you did NOT know that cause lithium-ion batteries to ignite and explode… And the test solutions

Most explosion and fire accidents in lithium-ion battery products occur while charging, even inside electric vehicles, power tools, electronic products, you name it. This mainly happens when the negative electrode material (graphite or mixed silicon) infl


24 Jul 2020

Long-distance Business Opportunities Boost Global Use of Server BBU

Chroma 17020 for Optimal Testing of Server Backup Battery Modules


10 Jul 2020

New 3U Height 15kVA Grid Simulator Upgrades Testing to a Higher Level

Chroma adds three new models, 61809/61812/61815, to its 61800 series of regenerative grid simulators. These new products are four quadrant, fully regenerative AC Power Sources at 3U height which is the highest power density on the market, and provide powe


08 Jul 2020

New Chroma Battery Pack Integrated Testbed for EV Composite Operation Conditions

The battery pack is the most important component of EVs and its verification takes automotive OEMs much effort. However, the battery pack keeps causing the most potential problems. Most test systems for battery packs, so far, mainly perform a charge/disch