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Chroma ATE Inc. is a renowned global instrument manufacturer and its affiliated Calibration Laboratory is recognized by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) with an ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

The accreditation items (no.) are: Electrical and Time Frequency calibration (0245), Physical calibration (Length/Force/Temperature) (0583)

Quality assurance from a stock listed company … providing you precision instrument calibration services with a quick turnaround and free delivery in Taiwan Local.

The Laboratory is certified to perform DC high voltage, capacitance, inductance, AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current and resistance calibration.


Electrical Calibration

  • DMM/Calibrator/E-LOAD/DC SOURCE (DCA 1000A, ACA 40A)
  • LCR Meter: Capacitance, Inductance, Resistance, Mega Resistance Instrument
  • Frequency Area: Counter, Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer, Signal Generator, RF Power meter, Video Signal Generator, Scope(20GHz)
  • AC/DC High Voltage Area: Safety Tester, High Voltage Meter, High Voltage Source (DC 40kV and AC 10kV)


Instrument Calibration Procedures in Taiwan:


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Gary Chiang 

Poeyi Chen 

Address: No. 88, Wenmao Rd., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City 333001, Taiwan


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