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FullRangeActiveThermalControlHandler Model3110-FT
  • CE Mark
Full Range Active Thermal Control Handler
Model 3110-FT
  • Temperature Test from -40~125℃
  • Final Test or System Level Test
  • 3x3mm~45x45mm Package
TabletopSingleSiteTestHandler Model3111
  • CE Mark
Tabletop Single Site Test Handler
Model 3111
  • Tabletop design for smaller table space 60 cm2
  • (2) Fixed JEDEC trays
  • IC package size ranges: 5x5mm to 45x45mm
  • Software configurable binning
Tri-TempOctalSitesHandler 3160-C
  • CE Mark
  • Taiwan Excellence
Tri-Temp Octal Sites Handler
  • Advance thermal technology (Nitro TEC)
  • Faster index time 0.6 sec
  • Active thermal control and full range temperature
  • Chamber less design
OctalSiteTestHandler Model3180
  • CE Mark
Octal Site Test Handler
Model 3180
  • Up to x8 parallel test sites
  • Up to 9000 UPH
  • Temperature test from ambient ~150℃
HybridSingleSiteTestHandler Model3110
Hybrid Single Site Test Handler
Model 3110
  • Optional Tri-temp IC test function (Standard: -40℃~135℃, Option: -55℃~150℃) 
  • FT+SLT Handler (Two In One)
  • Perfect for Device Engineering Characterization Gathering and Analysis
  • Auto Tray Load/unload & Device Sorting capability
  • Tester Zero waiting time