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Flat Panel Display Test Solutions

FPDTester Model2918
FPD Tester
Model 2918
  • Support 8K Super Hi-Vision
  • Support full 8K scrolling function
  • Independent signal and power module design
FPDTesterPowerModule Model67393-120-480
FPD Tester Power Module
Model 67393-120-480
  • Low output voltage noise
  • Low current harmonic
  • High efficiency, high power density and high power
  • Self-test for failure state
  • Provide VDD/VBL for over voltage/current protection
FlatPanelDisplayTester Model27014
  • CE Mark
Flat Panel Display Tester
Model 27014
  • Modular design allows selection tailored to requirements
  • High-speed graphics processor with real-time image output
  • Built-in programmable power supply
  • Intuitive software interface
FlickerMeasuringProbeforLCMATS ModelA712306
Flicker Measuring Probe for LCM ATS
Model A712306
  • Able to integrate with LCM ATS for LCM auto flicker adjustment
  • Capable of integrating Chroma 29XX Series LCM Auto Test System
  • Support FMA and FLVL flicker measurement mode
Multi-ChannelPowerModule Model67394
Multi-Channel Power Module
Model 67394
  • OCP/OVP/UCP/UVP protection mechanism
  • High efficiency and high power density
  • Maximum 3 adjustable powers for output
  • Provide negative voltage output