Chroma's HP Multi-coupler Charging Tests Drive Fast EV Charging

29 Dec 2020

Market surveys indicate that, by 2025, there will be over 3 million public charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) globally. New EVs also carry larger capacity batteries in order to reduce the mileage anxiety amongst drivers. Although enabling a larger cruising range, this also necessitates a shortened charging time, thus prompting the rapid development of EV charging stations (EVSE) with DC high-power charging (HPC).

Cost evaluation remains a key factor when automakers and charging equipment manufacturers consider building dedicated public charging stations. In particular, building a DC HPC station is much more expensive than an ordinary AC charging station. Therefore, dual- or multi-coupler DC EVSE are becoming increasingly visible on the market, with advantages including a reduced area needed for the charging station as well as lower hardware and installation costs.

Chroma DC EVSE test systems meet the test requirements of major international standards (most importantly: CHAdeMO from Japan, CSS from Europe and the U.S., and GB/T from China). The flexible hardware configuration can be upgraded according to individual needs and can be integrated with an EV charging interoperability test system. The test architecture is based on the Chroma 8000 ATS with complete automated test functionality. The software contains built-in test cases conform to standard definitions and a user-friendly interface that offers convenient test parameters editing according to the various test requirements.

Watch the video below for a short introduction of the system's features and interface operation:

Chroma EVSE Testing Video
▲Chroma EVSE Testing

Recently, Chroma's high-power dual-coupler EVSE test solutions have been successfully applied to electric bus manufacturers and charging station suppliers in the industry. Take the 180kW dual-coupler EVSE automated test system as an example, which can simulate a single coupler with 180kW output, but can also charge two at the same time with 90kW. When any abnormal communication or insulation is encountered, the tester will protect the quality of the customer's product.

Chroma 8000 EVSE ATS
▲Chroma 8000 EVSE ATS

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