Driving the EV Era, Chroma Leads the Industry in Charging Safety

08 Mar 2021

Japan, once again, took the lead in promoting electric vehicles (EV) and launched a new development strategy: end sales of new gasoline-engine cars by the mid-2030s. Japanese automakers have adjusted their sales plans accordingly: Mitsubishi Motors seeks to raise the proportion of EV models in the total new car sales to 50%; Toyota Motor plans to sell 5.5 million electrified vehicles by 2025; and Honda Motor has increased its EV sales target with 2/3rd. However, closely related to such popularization of EV, is the necessary development and installing of charging stations. More specifically, charging compatibility between the vehicle and its supply equipment (EVSE) is key to the trust of EV users in charging safety.

Chroma ATE provides automated test solutions for EV charging compatibility. The modular architecture has Chroma 8000 ATS as its base and uses AC/DC power supply. When paired with an EVSE simulator and related signal emulator, it provides complete and customizable support for global charging test standards (most importantly: CHAdeMO from Japan, CCS from Europe and the United States, GB/T from China). As early as 2016, when participating in interoperability tests for EV and charging equipment at the China Automotive Technology & Research Center in Tianjin, Chroma's test solution had fully demonstrated its technical strength and met the testing and verification requirements of the GB/T regulations. The test system was highly praised by on-site customers and laid the foundation for business opportunities of EV charging overseas. Subsequently, Chroma provided successful and complete EVSE solutions to customers in China, the United States, and South Korea. More recently, the AC & DC two-in-one electric vehicle (GB/T) charging compatibility ATS was acquired by a Japanese automaker to verify the charging quality and safety of imported vehicles.

With well over 30 years of experience in testing and technology for power electronics, Chroma ATE continues to ride the wave and drives testing solutions in new energy industries, including electric vehicles, microgrid energy storage, and fuel cells. For more details on these and other products, please visit Chroma's website and leave your inquiry. We are happy to be of service.

Chroma AC & DC 2-in-1 EV (GB/T) Charging Compatibility ATS
▲Chroma AC & DC 2-in-1 EV (GB/T) Charging Compatibility ATS

Chroma AC & DC 2-in-1 EV (GB/T) Charging Compatibility ATS