Chroma Wins Bronze at 2021 TCSA Awards

19 Nov 2021

Chroma ATE Inc. earned the Bronze Corporate Sustainability Award during the 14th edition of the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA). The Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability organizes this award ceremony to appraise companies that perform well on all three pillars of ESG sustainability: environment, society, and corporate governance. The TCSA serve to stimulate corporate efforts in sustainable development by evaluating the companies' CSR reports against international and comprehensive standards.

Chroma ATE Inc. has for long attached great importance to sustainability issues and communicating these back to stakeholders. The annual CSR Report elaborates on our sustainable business performance, detailing corporate results in economic, environmental, and social aspects. On the Chroma ESG Website, stakeholders can not only reference the latest CSR Reports but also use the questionnaire to share their perspectives on material topics.

Environmental Protection

Alleviating our impact on the environment is at the core of sustainable development. Chroma pushes the development of high-tech products with low pollution and low energy consumption. The recently introduced Regenerative Battery Pack Test System can greatly reduce power consumption during the discharge process and recycle the discharged energy from the battery pack back to the grid. Compared to traditional test equipment that tends to waste energy, reusing discharged energy resonates with the call for environmental preservation.

Besides, Chroma has also taken practical actions to protect the ocean, such as the recent beach cleanup where employees collected waste along the shore. Collected recyclable plastic bottles are transformed into new slippers and contribute to a circular economy in which marine debris can be reused. In order to fulfill our corporate responsibility for nature conservation, Chroma makes good and efficient use of resources to benefit both the company and customers as well as our mutual environment.

Talent Cultivation

Chroma is committed to giving back to society through long-term participation in various social welfare initiatives and continuously investing in talent cultivation. The upcoming 2022 Chroma Precision Machinery and Measurement Technology Paper Award aims not only to encourage students to pursue careers in research and development of creative applications but also to promote innovations in industries that rely on precision machinery or measurement technology. Both ultimately will contribute to the sustainable development of the overall society.

Sustainable Operations

Chroma's vision is to actively develop globally leading products as a world-class enterprise. We invest a large amount of R&D resources to ensure Chroma continues to drive future industry developments and social trends by providing leading key technologies and highly integrable products. The company so can maintain a competitive advantage, bring innovative solutions that meet the testing needs of customers worldwide, and ultimately achieve the goal of sustainable growth.

Chroma ESG Website

▲Chroma honored with the Bronze Corporate Sustainability Award at the 2021 TCSA ceremony