Chroma's True Wireless Stereo Test Solutions for Premium & Economical Testing

19 Feb 2020

Chroma ATE launches complete test solutions for True Wireless Stereo (TWS) chips, incorporating wireless RF and MCU tests as well as digital, analog, and mixed-signal measurements. The economical Chroma 3380 test systems satisfy price-conscious IC designers, whereas the advanced Chroma 3680 test systems provide fast and comprehensive testing to fulfill innovative and high-sensitivity TWS chip testing needs.

Chips used by TWS have become more and more widely used in recent years. Were they just installed in earphones and handling simple ICs for Bluetooth and audio signal in the early years, TWS chips nowadays are applied to smart speakers, wireless speakers, and even wearable devices. Likewise, the testing of TWS chips has extended from purely wireless Bluetooth, digital, and signal tests to power supply, memory, sensor, and more.

Chroma ATE semiconductor test solutions have long been recognized by the industry for their high degree of software and hardware integration as well as their high quality digital and analog semiconductor tests at reasonable prices. Moreover, the Chroma 3380 series holds a leading position in the Chinese MCU testing market. The Chroma 3380 series also provides comprehensive Bluetooth RF tests, with built-in functionality that supplies more than 90dB signal-to-noise ratio in audio testing to complete all test requirements at one stop. For premium and high-sensitivity products, the Chroma 3680 series performs high-speed signal tests and provides voltage and current measurements with high precision. Its mixed-signal measurement subsystem supports a signal-to-noise ratio over 110dB. The specially designed quick dock/release RF signal connection interface equips Chroma 3680 with high stability when testing high-end TWS products.

Learn more about the products:

Cost Effective

Chroma 3380

High Performance

Chroma 3680

 Chroma 3380

Chroma 3680

1280 pin MCU Test
100Mhz Logic Pattern
MP5806 Sub 6Ghz RF
Memory Test Option
MXPMU Cost Effective VI
16 Parallel Sites Testing

2048 pin SoC Test
1Gbps Logic Pattern
HDRF Sub 6Ghz RF
Memory Test Option
HDVI High Precision VI
8 Parallel Sites Testing