Chroma's E-Propulsion Test System Combined with Simulation Software Realizes a Wide Range of EV Test Applications

06 Dec 2022

Electrification efforts at the world's major OEMs and parts suppliers are primarily directed at two goals: increased driving range and improved performance. The electric powertrain, which represents the heart of the EV's motive power and has a large impact on both these metrics, is a key component that must be tested thoroughly and efficiently.

The Chroma 1210 E-Propulsion Test System combines a dynamometer, a battery simulator, and measurement and control instruments. This tester not only verifies the performance of electric drive systems, but also assists engineers with fine-tuning the control strategy of motor and inverter integration at the R&D stage. The test system also simulates international test standard conditions (NEDC and WLTC) for verifying the EV’s energy consumption.

▲E-Propulsion Test System architecture and user interface

Powered by Chroma's integrated modeling software and real-time control hardware, the 1210 E-Propulsion Test System allows for extensive verification testing with realistic driving scenarios. Engineers can easily get a handle on the overall control performance of the electric drive system and a wide range of operating conditions of the assembled vehicle before entering the validation stage. Data such as vehicle weight, tire parameters, drag coefficient, and transmission system parameters are all user-configurable. The test system is compatible with Simulink as well as FMU (Functional Mockup Unit) model files, enabling engineers to identify risks such as motor or drivetrain components overheating and other issues when the vehicle is going uphill or when maximum throttle is applied.

▲Sloping and flat road acceleration/deceleration tests using vehicle simulation software (Carsim)

Using software to generate realistic vehicle simulations allows problems to be detected and corrected before entering the on-road validation stage, which effectively reduces development costs and improves test efficiency. Importantly, this method also significantly reduces the risk of failures during real-world vehicle validation, thereby protecting the safety of test personnel.

Chroma is advancing excellence in future E-mobility by providing and continuing to develop a full range of EV and energy storage system test solutions. For related product information, please visit our official website and leave your request and contact information. We will be happy to be of service!


Chroma 1210 E-Propulsion Test System