Chroma ATE in Top 35 Best Taiwan Global Brands

24 Oct 2019

Taipei, Taiwan, 24th of October, 2019. / Chroma ATE has been honorably recognized as one of the top 35 brands in the Interbrand 2019 Taiwan Top Global Brand Valuation League Table. The assessment is conducted yearly as part of the Branding Taiwan program of the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs. In collaboration with the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, the global brand consultancy Interbrand investigated the brands’ price evaluations, competitive strength, and role in purchase decisions. These important indicators weigh up the position of Taiwanese brand companies in the international market. Interbrand appraised Chroma ATE as a leading brand in the Taiwan market and on the global stage.

Chroma ATE is globally marketed under the brand name “Chroma”, providing test & automation turnkey solutions that ensure performance and quality of our customers’ products. While facing market fluctuations and industry changes, it consistently values brand innovation. Chroma yearly devotes a significant amount of resources on research and development to ensure its leadership position on the market and to respond to market trends with ever-new technologies, such as AIoT and 5G application testing. In specific fields, the company leads collaboration between industry, academia and research institutions. Chroma extends business opportunities, breaks through traditional thinking, and diversifies across sectors in order to create maximum synergy for the brand.

Internal communication is the first step for brand promotion. Each and every employee understands that Chroma’s vision is to develop globally leading products as a world-class enterprise. With this vision in mind, they develop exceptional products of precision, reliability and valuable unique test & automation turnkey solutions. As to external communication, Chroma engages in both physical and virtual events within the industry and connects with the wider public through social media platforms. The brand so interacts even more effectively with the target audience.

Chroma ATE holds both a local base in Taiwan and a global vision through its operation sites spread across Europe, the United States, Japan/Korea, China and Southeast Asia. The company is committed to continue living up to the brand’s commitment and gain customer trust. Ultimately, this will not only lift the Chroma brand value, but also let Taiwanese brands overall shine on the international stage.

▲Chroma ATE CFO Paul Ying receives the 2019 Top 35 Best Taiwan Global Brands certificate from MOEA Industrial Development Bureau Director General Jang-Hwa Leu