Chroma ATE Honored with 2023 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Silver Award

20 Nov 2023

Chroma ATE received the Silver Award in the Corporate Sustainability Report category at the 16th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) in 2023. Organized by the TCSA Executive Committee and presented by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), this accolade recognizes companies that fulfill their social responsibilities, promote sustainable development, and embody a forward-thinking approach to sustainability. Chroma's ESG reporting adheres to the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines established by the Global Sustainability Standard Board (GSSB). It discloses operational performance and future plans to all stakeholders, demonstrating Chroma's commitment to sustainable business principles and goals.

Green Chroma: Empowering Future Technologies for a Better World

Chroma ATE focuses on five sustainability dimensions: Technology and Products, Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Friendly and Healthy Workplace, Social Impact, and Sustainable Environment, all brought together under the 'Green Chroma' concept. By developing cutting-edge test and measurement solutions that help customers save energy and reduce carbon emissions, Chroma has contributed to a cumulative reduction of 138,072 tons of carbon emissions from 2020 to 2022—equaling the carbon absorption of around 304 NYC Central Parks!
In 2023, Chroma introduced the 'Green Chroma Label', encouraging employees to pioneer innovative products with energy-saving and carbon-reducing features. This involves optimizing equipment intelligence, minimizing energy usage, shrinking form factors, and improving testing efficiency; in essence, developing test and measurement solutions that empower the technologies paving the way to a better world.

Rooted in Education, Nurturing Talent

Apart from driving industry development and innovation in emerging markets, Chroma is dedicated to youth education in terms of both tech literacy and environmental awareness. Initiatives such as the 'Chroma ATE Precision Machinery and Measurement Technology Paper Award' encourage young students to get involved in precision engineering, test and measurement, and research. The ‘Premier University Plan’ facilitates in-depth exchanges with graduate students from top universities, providing hands-on training to nurture technically proficient individuals ready to enter the workforce. By actively taking part in the 'Popular Science Train' project, Chroma encourages the younger generation to develop an interest in science from an early age. In addition, the company consistently participates in the 'Project Blue' beach cleanup initiative to promote marine conservation and environmental education.

Chroma's 2023 TCSA Silver Award affirms the company's steadfast dedication to sustainable development. Moving forward, Chroma will continue to uphold its responsibilities in key areas such as corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social impact.