Chroma ATE Launches New DisplayHDR Test Equipment

02 Jul 2021

DisplayHDR is a test specification set by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) for the display industry. Providing a complete set of test methods and technical indicators, the performance levels cover LCD screens ranging from entry point HDR 400 to the highest HDR 1400. The brightness contrast ranges from 0.02cd/m2 to 1400cd/m2; the higher the contrast, the more lifelike the image. The screen performance of monitors in compliance with this standard has likewise been greatly improved.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) makes the image present a high-contrast display with brighter areas and darker areas. In addition to amplifying the contrast between black and white levels, the HDR specification also includes the enhancement of color depth. The specification provides chromaticity test points for the display in order to calibrate RGB separately, as well as the actual coverage area on color gamut performance. DisplayHDR enables the screen to present a more vivid, full, and life-like color implementation and offers consumers a convenient standard to confirm specifications when shopping for their new screen.

Along with the increasing demand for high-contrast displays, the HDR test specifications are also expanding. Chroma ATE launched a new generation of optical measurement equipment that meets these demands: Chroma 71241 High Accuracy Universal Measuring Probe. Through a sensor that complies with the CIE1931 color matching functions, the probe can accurately measure the luminance and chromaticity of display panels. It supports wide brightness measurement capability (0.001cd/m2 ~ 5000cd/m2) and high-precision color measurement ≤ ±0.002 (> 0.1 cd/m2), even fulfilling the test requirements of the high-end DisplayHDR 1400.

Chroma 71241 allows free switching between a variety of display modes, including four test modes for chromaticity coordinates, and supports both FMA and FLVL for flicker measurement. The optical measurement software enables users to execute chromaticity, luminance, flicker, and gamma measurements on their PC, and directly shows the test results through coordinates on the correlated chromaticity diagrams. The probe can even be combined with Chroma’s video pattern generators to make it part of the automated test process, eliminating the need for a computer. Moreover, the system offers contrast measurement, result judgment, and programmable test items to enhance production efficiency and satisfy customers’ need for automated testing.

Flat-panel display products have come to prevail on the market and many manufacturers are looking for automated test solutions with high value-added yet low costs. Chroma 71241 is the most powerful aid for this test process and presents the best choice for improving efficiency and competitiveness.

Chroma can provide complete solutions for all of the above-mentioned video test applications. For more details and specifications, please visit Chroma's website and leave your inquiry. We are happy to be of service.


Chroma 71241 High Accuracy Universal Measuring Probe