How Chroma's Next-Generation Color Analyzer Achieves An Unsurpassed Chromaticity Accuracy of ≤ 0.002

20 Feb 2023

Utilizing advanced digital signal processing and photoelectric conversion technology, the Chroma 71241 High Accuracy Universal Measurement Probe employs a non-contact design to deliver unparalleled precision in measuring the brightness and color performance of display panels. The instrument incorporates a range of innovative technologies that enable accurate and reliable measurements and offers a comprehensive suite of functions:

Figure 1. Object-side telecentric optical system

Figure 2. Optical structure with airtight bulkhead


  • Object-side telecentric design enables an acceptance angle relative to the normal to the display's surface of only ±2.5° (Figure 1)
  • Motorized shutter module reduces time spent on manual calibration
  • Optical uniformizing module improves light intake efficiency
  • High-sensitivity sensor achieves accurate ultra-low brightness measurement results
  • High-precision measurement circuitry at the pA level improves brightness and chromaticity measurement range
  • Airtight bulkhead prevents moisture from entering the interior of the analyzer (Figure 2)

We are excited to announce the release of our latest video, in which we unveil the internal design of the Chroma 71241 and showcase how it sets a new standard for color and brightness measurement. Let's take a look!

Unveiled: the Tech behind the Chroma 71241

In addition to its sophisticated hardware, Chroma 71241 also comes with intuitive optical measurement software that enables users to easily perform color, brightness, uniformity, flicker, and gamma measurements, as well as edit test programs. This versatile instrument is ideal for measuring the brightness and color performance of televisions, displays, and panels, and offers a complete optical inspection solution. To learn more, please visit the Chroma website and leave your inquiry and contact information. We will be more than happy to serve you!

Chroma 71241 High Accuracy Universal Measuring Probe