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25 Mar 2024

Chroma Photonic IC Burn-in and Reliability Test System Wins 2024 TOSIA Award

Chroma 58604 Photonic IC Burn-in and Reliability Test System has been honored with the 2024 TOSIA Award for Outstanding Product. Presented by the Taiwan Optoelectronic and Semiconductor Industry Association (TOSIA), this award recognizes products for thei


21 Mar 2024

The Solution for Preheating AC Current and Superimposed Ripple Durability Testing of Lithium-ion Batteries

In recent years, frequent cold waves have been attributed to the weakening of polar vortexes, leading to abnormally low temperatures especially in high-latitude regions. Many electric vehicle (EV) owners have found themselves stranded due to being unable


19 Mar 2024

How to use RF impedance measurements to ensure the quality of miniaturized power inductors

The trend toward miniaturization in electronic products continues unabated, driven by the pursuit of lightweight and compact designs. Meanwhile, with the demand for energy efficiency and low power consumption, the operating conditions of integrated circui


18 Mar 2024

Chroma ATE to Present Test and Thermal Innovations for Peak AI Performance at GTC 2024

Behind Every AI Chipset Design and Power Density Breakthrough


15 Mar 2024

2024 Chroma Precision Machinery and Measurement Technology Paper Award: Inspiring Creativity, Courage to Make Breakthroughs

The second edition of the 2024 Chroma Precision Machinery and Measurement Technology Paper Award, organized by the Chroma Foundation and co-organized by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), has concluded successfully. Having kicked off in


29 Feb 2024

Chroma's Ultra-High Precision Measurement Solution: Improving the Efficiency of Non-Invasive Degradation Analysis of Lithium-Ion Battery Cells

What is non-invasive analysis? The analysis of lithium-ion battery cell degradation can be classified into invasive and non-invasive methods, with non-invasive analysis offering the following advantages: (1) Evidence of battery degradation can be retained


02 Feb 2024

Chroma Foundation Awards Scholarships to Promote Youth Education

The Chroma Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging young students to strive for academic excellence and recognizing those who excel in specific fields, today held its 2023 Chroma Education Scholarship award ceremony. Held during the


31 Jan 2024

Mastering Real Dynamic Load Challenges: Chroma's User-Defined Waveform Solution

In industries such as IT, electronics, and automotive, electronic loads are indispensable equipment. They are especially potent in the hands of those who know how to accurately reproduce different load scenarios by using their load's dynamic simulation ca


29 Jan 2024

Empowering the Net Zero Transformation: Chroma 63700 Regenerative DC Electronic Loads Now Available

In the past, load testing in areas such as power electronics, batteries, and electric vehicles typically relied on linear electronic loads. These loads converted the power consumed during the test into waste heat, adversely affecting the environment and i


26 Jan 2024

Empowering Your Near-Eye Display Solutions

As near-eye display (NED) technologies like AR/VR continue advancing, rigorous testing is critical to deliver exceptional user experiences. Chroma ensures NEDs meet the highest standards through comprehensive automated validation of key metrics like lumin