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23 Oct 2023

Success Story: Comprehensive Battery Cell Test Solution for F1 Racing Car

During the Formula 1 race, frequent shifts between acceleration and deceleration continuously subject the battery to high C-rate discharging and charging. This not only puts the battery's pulse power output capabilities to the test but also generates subs


11 Oct 2023

Chroma ATE Showcases Latest Test Solutions to Power Net-Zero Transition at Energy Taiwan 2023

As the world strives for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, green energy is set to play an increasingly pivotal role in this effort. With nearly four decades of experience in power electronics testing, Chroma offers highly efficient test solutions that sa


05 Oct 2023

Chroma Introduces Dual Output DisplayPort and USB-C Test Solution, Boosting Testing Efficiency by 200%

Video games are no longer a fringe form of entertainment. In this day and age, gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, with a market value higher than the music and movie industries combined. Besides entertainment, gaming also has a booming professiona


04 Oct 2023

Realistic HIL Simulation Ensures BMS Functionality and Safety in Energy Storage Systems

From modest residential setups to massive commercial energy storage systems (ESS), the energy storage industry is seeing an increasing number of entrants eager to capitalize on government policies and promising trends in renewable energy. Besides raw stor


22 Sep 2023

Chroma Launches Dual-Signal Test Solution for Next-Gen Automotive Displays of All Shapes and Sizes

Leading automakers around the world are making waves with their new lines of “intelligent” vehicles. A key feature that sets these cars apart is their innovative use of in-car display panels, implemented into the central console, dashboard, rearview mirro


21 Sep 2023

Chroma's One-Stop Solution Combines Battery Pack Cycler and Simulator for Comprehensive Test of Key ESS Components

The increasing severity of climate change is driving a surge in demand for green energy. Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power have already become an indispensable component of the energy supply. At the same time, market demand for high-ef


28 Aug 2023

Chroma ATE Showcases Advanced Test Technology to Propel the AI Revolution at SEMICON Taiwan 2023

Chroma ATE Inc., a leading provider of automated test equipment, is participating in SEMICON Taiwan 2023. The company will exhibit a series of innovative test solutions with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), automo


22 Aug 2023

Battery Cyclers You Can Count On: Chroma Battery Testers Feature Seamless Fault Recovery Capabilities

Extended charge/discharge tests are an essential part of the design and validation of battery modules. These tests not only verify battery design and materials but also assess the performance, capacity, and thermal management of the entire module, estimat


11 Aug 2023

Chroma ATE Inc. Featured in Forbes Asia's Best Under A Billion 2023

Chroma ATE Inc. has been recognized on Forbes Asia's highly esteemed ''Best Under A Billion'' list for 2023! This achievement underscores our company's exceptional performance in the Asia-Pacific region...


01 Aug 2023

Breakthrough Battery System Verification Technology Speeds Up Energy Storage Industry Development

As the global trend of energy conservation and carbon reduction continues apace, rising demand for consistent renewable energy has led to the formation of a mature energy storage industry chain. Battery energy storage systems, or BESS, play a crucial role