Automatic Transformer Tester Model 13350

  • CE Mark
Key Features
  • Compensation for individual channel
  • Combine measurement unit with scanbox to reduce measurement errors
  • USB storage interface
  • 10-100 LAN/ USB-H interface (option)
  • Built-in programmable 100mA bias current (RJ-45)
  • Test frequency, voltage and speed set separately
  • Fail Lock function
  • Auto Test function
  • Equipped with external standard test on 20ch scan test unit
  • Reduce the short-circuit loss in secondary side for leakage (Lk) test (A133502 20ch scan unit)
  • Short-circuit pin selectable for every test item
  • Multiple language: English & Simplified Chinese
  • RS232 interface compatible SCPI commands

 Key Functions

  • Test frequency 20Hz~200kHz / 20Hz~1MHz
  • Turn Ratio, Phase, L, Q, Lk, ACR, DCR, Cp, Pin short, Balance
  • Basic accuracy: 0.1%
  • Three different output impedance modes
  • Scan unit/box including:
    • 20ch scan test unit
    • 80ch scan box
    • C.T. test fixture

Acquired from many years of marketing experiences and cumulative results, Chroma 13350 is the newest generation of Automatic Transformer Tester that not only retains the merits of old 3250 model but also has many new functions including the combination of measurement unit and scan box to reduce measurement error caused by long wire, C.T. test fixture and 80/20 channels scan box support, USB interface for test conditions back-up, LAN communication interface, separate setting of test frequency/voltage/speed, Fail Lock function and Auto Test. It solves the performance and quality problems as well as human errors occurred on production line for the transformer industry today.

For ins tance: To reduce human er ror s on production line, the13350 Fail Lock function is able to lock the defect DUT (Device Under Test) when the test is done to prevent it from flowing out accidently. In order to cut down the time for placement, the 13350 Auto Test function can conduct test directly without pressing the trigger key. In addition, the 13350 adopts the design of dual CPU to increase the test speed by processing the measurement and display units simultaneously.

The compensation function of 13350 can do OPEN/SHORT for individual channel to solve the errors due to different layout on various fixtures.

13350 provides 20Hz~200kHz / 20Hz~1MHz test frequency and scan test items to cover low voltage test parameters for various transformers including Inductance (L), Leakage (Lk) , Turn-Ratio, DC Resistance (DCR), Impedance (Z), Stray Capacity (C), Quality Factor (Q), Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR), Pin Short (PS), Winding Phase (PH) and Balance.

 Applicable Test Options for Selection

  • A133502 20 Channels Scan Box
    13350 uses split screen that allows the measurement unit to integrate the 20 channels scan box without using any connecting wires to reduce measurement errors. Furthermore, the 20 channels scan box has external standard test function that can perform verification test directly without any act of disassembly.
  • A133505 80 Channels Scan Box
    13350 along with 80 channels scan box can mainly offer three different applications:
    (1) RJ-45 & LAN Filter test solution that can test up to 80 pins one time.
    (2) Transformer automation solution that can place 4 transformers on one carrier for scan test simultaneously.
    (3) Island-type production line planning that provides a time division multiplexing module to increase the equipment utilization rate.
  • A133506 C.T. (Current Transformer) Test Fixture
    When the 13350 works with A133506 C.T. Test Fixture, it can measure the turns, inductance and DC resistance easily and rapidly by putting in the C.T. directly.

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Automatic Transformer Tester - Display Unit

Automatic Transformer Tester - Display Unit

Automatic Transformer Tester - Measurement Unit 20Hz ~ 200KHz

20CH Scanning Box

80CH Scanning Box

Connection Adapter Unit

GPIB Interface

LAN & USB-H Interface

Automatic Transformer Test -Measurement Unit 20Hz~1MHz