Battery Cell Insulation Tester Model 11210

Key Features
  • Test voltage: up to 1KV(dc)
  • Charge current: 50mA max.
  • Wide range of Leakage Current (LC) measurement (1pA ~ 20mA)
  • Partial discharge/flashover detection for inspection on potential internal short circuits (option of A112100):
    • PD level and number of occurrence display
    • PD events and V/I waveform monitor
    • Programmable PD level limit setting
    • PD and V/I waveform logging (option of A112101)
  • Built-in +Flash Test function 
  • Built-in reliable contact check
  • Automatic test with sequence: charge-dwell-measure-discharge
  • High speed testing (20ms/min.)
  • Full-color display and touch panel 
  • Standard Handler, USB, RS-232, Ethernet interfaces


  • Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) cell insulation test (tests on dry cell unit)
  • Insulation tests on various types of capacitors (including Solid Capacitor, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC), High Voltage Electrolytic Capacitors (HV-ELCAP), Plastic Film Capacitor (Film Cap)) or any sorts of insulation materials

Chroma 11210 Battery Cell Insulation Tester is specially designed for measuring leakage current (LC) and insulation resistance (IR) of Lithium-ion batteries (dry cell/jelly roll). This model also measures solid capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), high voltage electrolytic capacitors and insulation materials. In addition to standard LC/IR measurement, the 11210's PD detection function is designed to detect and analyze strong partial discharge (PD) and electrical flashover (Flashover) in the insulator during high-voltage measurement. This function helps to detect whether the effective insulation distance of the lithium-ion battery (dry cell/jelly roll) under test is sufficient before electrolyte filling, so as to prevent potentially defective products from entering the next production stage or end market. Compared with traditional insulation test solutions, Chroma 11210 takes safety and insulation material quality testing of lithium-ion battery driven products and electric vehicles to a new level.

The 11210 uses special circuit design to carry out and monitor the entire process of testing for flashover due to abnormal PD in the battery cell, and quantifies the data in numbers and recordable waveforms. Moreover, after reaching the test voltage, the LC or IR will be measured and judged as abnormal during the test time, similar to using WV/IR testers.

The +Flash function provides two-stage intermittent high and low voltage, detects the DUT's withstand voltage (WV) under high voltage and LC under low voltage, and independently judges the LC and PD, making for an effective testing application for various energy storage components.

Chroma 11210's high-level charging current and fast measurement circuit greatly improve the overall test speed. The regular insulation test sequence provided for capacitive DUTs is "Charge -> Dwell -> Test -> Discharge", and can automatically execute a comprehensive test within a 20ms sequence, significantly improving the efficiency of the production line. The 11210 measures the LC from 1pA to 20mA with 7 ranges of current measurement to enhance precision. In addition, the auto range function can automatically switch to the most suitable measurement range, saving the user's time while ensuring accuracy.

The quality of the contact check has a decisive influence on the reliability of the insulation test. If the test instrument detects "no contact" during the entire measurement process, the DUT is likely to be judged as a good product. This misjudgment leads to a defective product entering the market. As the misjudgment will be more obvious when the insulation resistance of the DUT is very high, a contact check must be executed during the insulation test. Chroma 11210 uses high-level circuit architecture to execute a complete contact check within 5ms, and provides the option to do a thorough contact check before and/or after the measurement.

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Battery Cell Insulation Tester

Partial Discharge Detection Card

Partial Discharge Analyzer Card

PD Test Checking Kit

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11210 3M cable

19'' Rack Mounting Kit for 11210