6 1/2 Digital Multimeter Model 12061

  • CE Mark
Key Features
  • 6½ digits resolution
  • 11 types of measurement characteristics
    • DC voltage/current (1000V/3A max)
    • AC voltage/current (750V/3A max)
    • Resistance 2 or 4-wire ohms measurement
    • Period & frequency
    • Diode & continuity
    • Temperature (RTD)
  • Various math functions
    • NULL
    • Max/Min/Avg
    • High/Low limit
    • Percentage/Ratio/MX+B
    • dB/dBm
  • DC voltage accuracy: 0.0015%
  • AC voltage accuracy: 0.04%
  • Optional Multi-point Scanner Card (10/20ch)
  • Measurement and data transmission up to 2000 readings/sec (4½)
  • Up to 2000 readings memory storage
  • Standard SCPI control
  • Standard USB&GPIB interface, support USBTMC
  • Software control support
  • Chroma 12061 software
  • LabView® Driver

 Fast & High Performance

The 12061 6½ Digital Multimeter has assorted settings of resolution, integration time and ranges that allow users to optimize the configuration of measurement speed, resolution and accuracy when in individual measurement test mode.

The 12061 has built-in a high speed, low interference A/D converter with a maximum speed of 2000 rdgs/s it is the best solution for high speed measurement.

 Individual Application

Chroma 12061 equipped with 11 types of measurement functions containing DC voltage/ current, AC voltage/current, resistance 2/4-wire ohms, period, frequency, diode, continuity and temperature as well as diverse math functions of NULL, Max/Min/Avg, High/Low limit, High/Low limit, Percentage/Ratio/MX+B, dB/dBm and etc. Along with trigger and memory function, Chroma 12061 is the right tool for you to perform the basic measurement.

 Test System Application

For user's convenience Chroma supports various software and hardware for different control platforms.

  • Chroma 12061 TOOL: It is a real-time display interface for value monitoring. It can log data and output in CSV format for analysis.
  • Chroma 12061 LINK: It can send the data to PC directly in real time and save it to EXCEL or WORD format as well as create the data pattern automatically. Test engineers can use ActiveX components to control the 12061 using SCPI commands.

 PASS/FAIL signal output

Chroma 12061 can provide PASS/FAIL signal to system by USB port (either communication or PASS/FAIL signal) with high/low limit set. USB type B female connect to system with signal (1 floating, 2 PASS, 3 FAIL, 4 GND) in 2ms low and please disable USB interface. If result over the high/low limit, the beeper will alarm and signal output. (Beeper can be off)

 Multi-Point Scanner Card

Chroma 6½ Digital Multimeter supports Multi-point Scanner Card which is a scanning measurement tool not supported by most of the 6½ Digital Multimeters in the field.

Multi-point Scanner Card offers multiplexing ten two poles (ACV, ACI, DCV, DCI, Resistance, Period, Frequency) that can be installed to the extension card option directly on the rear panel.

 Multi-Point TC Scanner Card (10ch)

The multi-point temperature scanning card has multiple functions including 2-wire/4-wire resistance, AC/DC voltage/current, frequency, period and temperature measurements. As cold junction compensation is equipped for temperature measurement, it increases the measurement accuracy greatly. In addition, it can scan the temperature of 10 different channels that can be applied extensively to electronic devices and industrial studies for temperature measurement

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6 1/2 Digital Multimeter

Multi-point Scanner Card (10CH)

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Multi-point Scanner Card (20CH)

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Multi-point Temperature Scanning Card (10CH)