Thermal/Multi-Function Data Logger Model 51101 Series

  • CE Mark
Key Features
  • Models with 8 channels on-line data recording. Multi-sets linked to a PC for hundreds of channels are doable
  • Support B, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T type
  • thermal couples with ITS-90 defined temperature range
  • Individual channel cold junction compensation with <±0.5˚C accuracy
  • Temperature resolution up to 0.01˚C, error down to (0.01% of reading+0.5˚C)
  • VA-480 voltage adaptor: 
    Voltage range ±480VDC
    Resolution 1mV
    Accuracy 0.1% of reading+1mV
  • VA-10 voltage adaptor:
    Voltage range ±10VDC
    Resolution 100uV
    Accuracy 0.05% of reading+500uV
  • 1000VDC channel to channel isolation,full protection for testing points with charge and guarantee for accurate measurements
  • Thermal couple open circuit detection 
  • PC-based operation with powerful software for recording and analyzing data
  • 8 channel model is USB powered. No battery or external power supply is required

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Thermal/Multi-Function Data Logger

Thermal/Multi-Function Data Logger - 8 channel

IA-3 Current Adaptor (option)    

VA-10 Voltage Adaptor (option)