Graphical User Interface - SoftPanel Model 62000D

Key Features
  • Performs LV123 and LV148 automotive standards tests
  • Controlled via GPIB, USB, and Ethernet interfaces
  • Supports report functions with sampling rates from 1 to 10,000 seconds, and a record time of up to 1,000 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds
  • List mode supports 100 levels of voltage settings, and each one can set individual slew rate for voltage, current, and dwell time (ranging from 5ms to 15,000s)
  • Supports battery simulator and fuel cell simulator

Along with the rise of new energy, traditional energy sources are gradually being replaced. Electric vehicles and energy storage batteries connected to the grid are in great demand. Chroma introduced the 62000D Bidirectional DC Power Supply with both power supply and load characteristics as well as a two-quadrant operation that covers test requirements of various power components in vehicles, encompassing the bidirectional on-board charger, bidirectional DC converter, DC-AC motor drive, etc. The matching SoftPanel can directly operate Chroma 62000D and offers more convenient and intuitive processing.

The SoftPanel can support up to ten 62000D devices and connects through USB, GPIB, and Ethernet.

Although Chroma 62000D is a standalone device, not only can users manually operate it in series or parallel but also operate it through the SoftPanel.

  • Fixed Mode lets users directly set the output voltage through the SoftPanel. Because of the bidirectional power supply, the current and power are divided in two parts: the current and power value in Load mode, and the current limit and the power value in Source mode. Press Output to display the voltage, current, and power values in real time. Between 100 and 1,000,000 data entries can be set; the chart below shows the change trends of around 100 entries.
  • List Mode is different from Fixed Mode in that it provides up to 100 levels of voltage settings, and the minimum maintenance time is down to 5ms. After customizing the voltage settings according to the specific test requirements, the SoftPanel shows a preview to confirm the edits. Easily make modifications and add or delete sequences through the + and – buttons on the upper right corner.
  • Step Mode only requires users to set the start voltage, end voltage, and execution time to let Chroma 62000D perform one-directional voltage rises or drops. This function mainly applies to verifying the operating voltage range of the UUT (unit under test).

Fixed Mode

List Mode

Step Mode

The Automotive Test Standards function supports two automotive test standards (LV123 and LV148). Users can test UUTs using the built-in standards, or modify the test parameters based on specific test requirements.
The following test items are supported:

LV 123 Standard
  1. Range of unlimited operating capability
  2. Range of upper limited operating capability
  3. Range of lower limited operating capability
  4. Range of highly limited operating capability

*Some LV123 test items require a voltage exceeding 600V. As a result, using a 600V model will logically limit the available test items.


LV 148 Standard
  1. Long-term overvoltage for not voltage limited components
  2. Transient pulse in the lower operating range
  3. Recuperation
  4. Slow reduction and slow increase of supply voltage (without battery)
  5. Slow reduction and slow increase of supply voltage (with battery – Part 1 )
  6. Reset behavior
  7. Operation in the upper range with functional restrictions
  8. Operation in the lower range with functional restrictions
  9. Overvoltage range


▲ LV123 Range of Unlimited Operating Capability

▲ LV148 Operation in the Upper Range

The Battery Simulator function provides basic or imported battery characteristic curves to simulate the battery under different SOCs and the corresponding voltage, without needing to actually use the battery as a UUT. Users can even instantly determine the 50% or 20% power conditions for more convenient testing.

The Fuel Cell function offers default curves and allows users to import voltage against current curves. Quickly generate the cell stack curve by setting several cell and area sizes. As a fuel cell simulator, Chroma 62000D will output the voltage according to the corresponding current.

The Report function delivers sampling rates from 1 to 10,000 seconds, and a total recording time of up to 1,000 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds. Choose between export in TXT or CSV format, press Start, and instantly record the voltage, current, and power readings.

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Graphical User Interface - SoftPanel