Graphical User Interface - SoftPanelTM Model 62000E

Key Features
  • Control of 30 channels at once, up to 10 Chroma 62000E devices
  • Controlled via standard USB & Ethernet and optional GPIB interfaces
  • Report functions support 1~10,000s sampling rate and up to 10,000h59m59s recording time
  • LIST Mode supports 100 levels of voltage/current settings with 10ms~15,000s dwell time
  • STEP Mode quickly composes one-directional voltage rise or drop tests


Chroma 62000E series currently offers 28 different single-channel and three-channel models. Each channel has an output power range from 1.7kW to 5kW, voltage range from 230V to 1200V, and current output of up to 22.5A.

Quality assurance or product verification often require long-term or repeated testing, such as aging of semiconductor power components, long-term durability of active and passive components, LED and laser diode, aging of solar modules, etc. The small size with high power density makes Chroma 62000E ideal for such applications.

The matching SoftPanel can directly operate Chroma 62000E and offers more convenient and intuitive processing. The SoftPanel supports up to ten 62000E devices and connects through USB, GPIB, and Ethernet interfaces. Given that the 62000E series contains three-channel models, this means that the SoftPanel can control up to 30 channels at once.

Fixed Mode lets users directly set the output voltage and current limit through the SoftPanel. Press Output to display the voltage, current, and power values in real time. There is a channel selection on the left for users to switch the display between different channels.

The chart on the bottom of the panel shows the change trends of around 100 data entries (with a setting range of 100 to 1,000,000 entries) and the fastest sampling per second (with a setting range of 1 to 100 seconds).

The SoftPanel enables multi-channel control. When All Channel is selected, the display will instantly show all currently connected channels for convenient monitoring at a glance. Only Fixed Mode can be used under this option.

List Mode is different from Fixed Mode in that it provides up to 100 levels of voltage and current limit settings, and the minimum dwell time is down to 10ms. After customizing the voltage settings according to the specific test requirements, the SoftPanel shows a preview to confirm the edits. Easily make modifications and add or delete sequences through the + and - buttons on the upper right corner.

Step Mode only requires users to set the start voltage, end voltage, and execution time to let Chroma 62000E perform one-directional voltage rises or drops. This function mainly applies to verifying the operating voltage range of the UUT (unit under test).

Report functions provide a sampling time of 1 to 10,000 seconds, and a total recording time of 10000 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds. Data can be exported to TXT or CSV formats. Regardless of the mode, pressing Start instantly records the voltage, current, and power readings.

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Graphical User Interface - SoftPanel