Hybrid Single Site Test Handler Model 3110

Key Features
  • FT and SLT compatible handler
  • Ideal for device engineering characterization and analysis
  • Compatible kit to scale-up production
  • ATC Tri-temp -40 to 150 ℃ IC test (Optional -55 to 150℃ , -70 to 150℃)
  • Auto tray loading/unloading and device sorting capability
  • Air damper design ensures good contact balance
  • Transfer shuttle remain IC check function
  • Contact force 80/180kgf (Optional 450kgf)
  • Optional dual force for bare die test
  • Optional liquid submersion system


  • Particularly suitable for
    • AI chips
    • Automotive semiconductors
    • HPC related test
    • Other advanced packaged semiconductors

Chroma Hybrid Single Site Test Handler 3110 is a full-range ATC (Active Thermal Control) test handler capable of handling device bodies up to 120x120mm with up to 450kg force load (option). Various temperature control units are available for selection to minimize response times and ensure test accuracy. Chroma 3110 is specifically designed for high-precision and high-power device characterization as well as other critical applications. The handler's exceptional design allows the robotics to operate accurately at extreme temperatures from -70℃ to 150℃ (option) and control its environmental conditions to within ±2℃.

The TCU (Temperature Control Unit) options accommodate thermal Ramp Control and temperature feedback, allowing for more precise control. This offers a marked improvement over conventional methods, which are typically compromised by sample integrity issues that lead to varying and unreliable results.

Chroma 3110 boasts a unique feature set designed for optimal convenience, with an intuitive GUI and common interface for easy docking of various ATE and SLT platforms. Chroma has enhanced its temperature control capability to enable ATC functionality that not only reduces inspection costs, but also boosts test precision to semiconductor engineering correlation testing criteria as specified by leading-edge supply chains.

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Hybrid Single Site Test Handler

Tri-temp Control (option)

Active Thermal Control Module (option)