Mini LED Backlight Module Automatic Optical Test System Model 7661-K003

Key Features
  • Integrated 71803-2 2D Color Analyzer executes brightness, color, and defect analysis on Mini LED
  • Optional Chroma LED power tester and optical module allow integration into a test system
  • Test items: chromaticity, brightness, luminous intensity, uniformity, voltage, current, and dead lights
  • Test area: up to 800mm*600mm
  • Integrated XY table and software enable automated one-click testing
  • Integrated dark room functions in a general environment

Chroma 7661-K003 Mini LED Backlight Module Automatic Optical Test System contains a 71803-2 2D Color Analyzer to measure chromaticity and brightness. The XY table allows movement of the measurement position, enabling a wide range of vision to measure the chromaticity, brightness, and uniformity of each LED on Mini LED backlight modules. After testing, the system saves the measurement data for convenient processing and analysis.

Software Preview

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Mini LED Backlight Module Automatic Optical Test System