RF LCR Meter Model 11090-030

  • CE Mark
  • Rohs 2 Compliant
Key Features
  • Measurement parameters: Z, θz, Y, θy, R, X, G, B, Ls, Lp, Cs, Cp, Rs, Rp, D, Q
  • Test frequencies: 100kHz~300MHz
  • Measurement range: 100mΩ~5kΩ
  • Measurement speed: 0.5/0.9/2.1/3.7 (ms)
  • Basic accuracy: ± 0.8% % (typical ± 0.45%)
  • Test signal: -40~1(dBm)
  • Measurement modes: Point/List
  • Test signal (Vm, lm) monitoring function
  • Comparator and sorting (13 bins) functions
  • Contact Check (Rdc 0.1Ω~100Ω @ 1mA max)
  • Open/short circuit correction and load compensation functions
  • Standard interfaces: Handler, RS-232C, GPIB, LAN, USB, USB (USBTMC)
  • Wide range of test frequencies: 100kHz~300MHz
  • Fast measurement speed: 0.5 (ms)
  • Various functions:
    • Calibration/compensation status guidance
    • Contact check for magnetic components through Rdc
    • Multi-parameter comparison and bin-sorting
    • Multi-point (~401 points) test and curve drawing
    • Clear and guided operation
  • Fast-operating SMD test fixture (patent TW M621845 / CN 216013502U)
  • SMD inductors (molded inductors/multilayer inductors/beads, etc.)
  • EMI-filter
  • Other passive components

Chroma 11090-030 RF LCR Meter provides a high-frequency measurement and evaluation solution for passive components such as SMD chip inductors and RF filters. With a testing frequency of up to 300MHz, this instrument not only meets the increasing demand for nominal frequency testing of components like POL or small DC-DC converters, but also addresses quality anomalies that can only be detected at ultra-high frequencies. Additionally, it can fulfill common 100MHz impedance testing needs for components like EMI filters and ferrite beads.

This solution covers measurement parameters such as Z, θz, Y, θy, R, X, G, B, Ls, Lp, Cs, Cp, Rs, Rp, D, Q and other primary and secondary parameters required for testing various passive components. The wide test frequency range of 100kHz to 300MHz, using RF current-voltage conversion technology, provides a broader impedance measurement range than network analyzers and a higher frequency measurement range than auto balancing bridge technology. This makes it suitable for analyzing passive component characteristics at different frequencies by R&D and quality assurance units. Furthermore, the instrument’s ultra-low noise, low harmonic distortion signal generator delivers a high quality measurement signal, enhancing the accuracy of impedance testing.

The 11090-030 has a basic measurement accuracy of 0.8%, ensuring highly stable and reliable measurement results. The rapid 0.5ms measurement speed significantly increases production efficiency when employed in an automated environment. The SMD test fixture is compatible with various kinds of small sized SMDs and adopts an improved push down actuation method, which can rotate 90 degrees and requires only three steps to change the DUT (actual testing takes about 40 seconds). This accelerates the speed of test by reducing time spent on changing differently sized DUTs and eliminating the need for repeated reassembly of device guides, which also reduces wear and maintenance costs.

Through its comprehensive design and powerful functional enhancements, Chroma 11090-030 offers a complete test solution for product characterization, rapid testing in automated production lines, and various incoming and outgoing inspection applications

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RF LCR Meter

Test fixture stand

SMD test fixture
Suitable sizes: 0603 mm, 1005 mm, 1608 mm, 2012 mm, 3216 mm, 3225 mm

Large SMD RF Test Fixture *Call for availability
Suitable sizes: 4532 mm, 7060 mm, 1211 mm, 1513 mm

Short Bar
Suitable sizes: 0603 mm

Short Bar
Suitable sizes: 1005 mm

Short Bar
Suitable sizes: 1608 mm

Short Bar
Suitable sizes: 2012 mm

Short Bar
Suitable sizes: 3216 mm

Short Bar
Suitable sizes: 4532 mm

Short Bar
Suitable sizes: 7060 mm

Short Bar
Suitable sizes: 1211 mm

Short Bar
Suitable sizes: 1513 mm

Device Guide
Suitable sizes: 0603 mm

Device Guide
Suitable sizes: 1005 mm, 1608 mm, 2012 mm, 3225 mm

Device Guide
Suitable sizes: 1211 mm, 4532 mm

Device Guide
Suitable sizes: 1513 mm, 7060 mm

Electrode Plate
Suitable sizes: 0603 mm

Electrode Plate
Suitable sizes: 1005 mm, 1608 mm, 2012 mm, 3225 mm

Electrode Plate
Suitable sizes: 1211 mm, 1513 mm, 4532 mm, 7060 mm

Test Head with 1 m Test Cable *3 (SMA+N-Type)

Test Head with 2 m Test Cable *3 (SMA+N-Type)

Calibration Kit (OPEN + SHORT + LOAD)

Magnifying Lens and Tweezers

SMA Torque Wrench 56N-cm

SMA to 7mm Coaxial Adapter

Working Standard Set

N Type Torque Wrench 13 in-lbs 20 mm