SDI Module Model A222915

  • CE Mark
Key Features
  • Convert HDMI signal to SDI signal output
  • Support 48K Audio output
  • SDI Output x 2
  • SYNC Output x 1
  • Comply with SDI Standard (SMPTE)
    • SD-SDI : SMPTE-259M
    • HD-SDI : SMPTE-274M / 296M
    • 3G-SDI : SMPTE-425M (Level A/B)
  • SD/HD/3G format auto identification
  • Control by Smart I/O interface
  • ESD protection
  • Low cost

Chroma A2229015 SDI Module is specially designed to meet the test demands of diversified low cost SDI signals for today's display industry. It has extended specifications and functions when integrated with the main VPG test device that creates the SDI signal products for applications in broad domain.

It is an HDMI to SDI Adapter that can be controlled by Smart I/O. With the combination of Chroma VPG with A222915, the external module can be connected to Chroma VPG easily for various SDI tests.

Chroma A222915 has equipped with the latest 3G-SDI standard resolution which is the mainstream specification of all 1080P transmission. It can double the HDTV transmission rate in the advanced video environment, also enhance the overall broadcasting quality in the transmission network.

The industries of Chroma A222915 applied extensively include the distributed amplifier, video router and the serial connection interface of switch, camera and other devices. The SDI can use a 75Ω coaxial cable to transmit the uncompressed digital video signal within long distance range in a TV studio or a place with related equipment to achieve the high quality HD playback.

For peripheral industry, the display related customer can involve the SDI test requests directly to the application of LED TV wall, projector, outdoor large-scale display and broadcasting hardware.

In the meantime, its simple design is applicable for all SDI multimedia tests in practical use including R&D, manufacturing test and quality assurance, especially the mass production for rapid verification and assessment.

Moreover, Chroma A222915 uses HDMI as the signal input source and 2 sets of SDI can output at the same time. SD-SDI/ HD-SDI/3G-SDI supports 2CH / 8CH - 48khz Audio output that can work with VPG to test various standard static and dynamic images.

To cope with the design of multi-port inputs for the FPD in this digital age, the SDI module is developed to connect externally and in compact size to be used flexibly in any site of production line and laboratories.

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SDI Module