Photocoupler and Digital Isolator Test GuidePhotocoupler and Digital Isolator Test Guide


Electric Safety

The photocoupler uses light as a medium to provide signal transmission and isolation. With characteristics feature in well electrical isolation between the input and output terminals, it is often used to bridge the high-voltage circuit and the low-voltage signal circuit. It is a safety-regulated component that must get the safety standard certification of the sales area before it can be sold. The regulation requires the photocouplers are 100% withstand voltage tested and partial discharge inspected during fabrication to ensure no partial discharge occurs under the maximum working voltage of which may cause material variation due to long-hour work and endanger the safety of personnel. This test guide explains the content of safety regulations and the matters needing attention in production inspection.

  • Regulatory Requirement
  • Equipment Operation
  • Test Method
  • Chroma Test Solution
Chroma Test Solution
Chroma 19501-K

Chroma 19501-K Partial Discharge Tester

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