Design a validation tester for an EV on-board charger


The Customer

ProDSP Technologies is a Hungarian design house,a competence center and a manufacturing partner.

We found Chroma Regenerative Grid Simulator Model 61800 Series. By using Chroma 61830 no external active filter is needed, the reliability of the system became higher.

Zoltan Bilau / Project Manager, ProDSPTechnologies

The Challenge

ProDSP wanted to design a validation tester for an on-board charger for the e-mobility industry. Because of the energy circulation, the overall system active current is low, and the harmonic currents became high compared to the base harmonic.

The Solution

Chroma Regenerative Grid Simulator Model 61830 30kVA

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Chroma 61800 Series

Designed a product validation tester for a 22kW on-board charger. The system can emulate the environment where the DUT operates in load balancer mode for the electrical grid.

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