Chroma ATE Showcases Gaming Display, USB-C and In-Vehicle Display Test Solutions at Display Week 2023

19 May 2023

Chroma is set to showcase its latest range of display and optical color test solutions at this year's Display Week exhibition. In lockstep with the gaming display industry's constant innovation and improving specifications, Chroma's exhibit will feature the A223814 Signal Module, an advanced gaming monitor test solution that supports HDMI 2.1a, 10K@120Hz resolution output, Gaming-VRR, FVA, ALLM, QMS-VRR and other test modes. It also comes with a library of test images required for HDR10, HLG, HDR10+, Dolby Vision and more, providing a complete solution for gaming display testing.

The Chroma 71241 High Accuracy Universal Measuring Probe and 71242 Small-Size Measuring Probe (measuring diameter 10mm) enable fast color and brightness testing of various panel sizes as well as automatic flicker testing. This solution effectively reduces testing time and cost and increases production efficiency in automated testing on the production line. Visitors can experience a variety of related test applications on display.

USB-C Inspection

Recently launched, the Chroma 2238 Video Pattern Generator, along with its USB-C control module (A223807) and power module (A223808), is designed to support Power Delivery 3.1 240W (48V/5A) power source and load test requirements while also featuring USB Pass-Through testing capabilities. The USB-C module meets the USB 3.2 Gen 2 specification for a 10 Gbps transmission rate, making it ideal for testing a wide range of USB-C power products. As the European Parliament moves towards mandating USB-C as the common charging interface for products sold in the EU, Chroma is playing its part in reducing electronic waste and supporting sustainable development trends.

In-Vehicle Display Testing

For the uniformity testing of in-vehicle displays, Chroma will introduce the high-resolution scientific-grade Chroma 71803 Series 2D Color Analyzer. Equipped with thermoelectrically cooled CMOS and precise optical components and circuit design, the tester can quickly and accurately measure chromaticity, brightness, contrast, uniformity, and related color temperatures. It also features built-in ANSI standard specifications for 5/9/13 point measurement, significantly improving ease of operation and efficiency. This tester is particularly suitable for optical image quality testing applications in the Mini/Micro LED and AR/VR device-related industries.

Last but not least, Chroma is launching the 27015 Flat Panel Display Tester, with a dual-slot design that can simultaneously inspect two vehicle displays of different sizes. It supports up to 8K video output and MIPI, eDP, and LVDS test interfaces, enabling it to meet the test requirements of a wide range of display specifications.

At the Display Week 2023 exhibition (May 23-25), all these solutions and more will be showcased at Chroma's eye-catching Booth 731 in the Los Angeles Convention Center, CA South Hall. In addition to automotive display, gaming display, and USB-C test solutions, our latest high-resolution and high-refresh-rate image test solutions for Mini/Micro LED and AR/VR devices will also be featured. We look forward to having you join us and experience the new trends in testing at Display Week 2023!