Bias Current Source Model 1320/1320S/1320-10A

  • CE Mark
Key Features

Model 1320

  • Frequency response: 20Hz~1MHz
  • 0.001A~20.00A, 150W output capability, maximum 100Adc extendable with 1320S
  • Forward / Reverse current switching capability
  • Standard GPIB, Handler interface
  • Bias current sweep (2~21points), automatic or manual trigger, for core characteristics analysis
  • Direct controlled by LCR Meter 3302/3252/11022/11025
  • 16x2 LCD text display
  • 0.01mΩ~199.99Ω DCR measurement capability
  • 50 internal instruments setups for store/recall capability
  • Single bias current output timer capability (24 hours)
  • Long term continued maximum power output capability
  • Excellent protection circuit, keep L Meter from damage as bias current was broken abnormally

The 1320 Bias Current Source output can be controlled by LCR Meter Model 3302/3252/11022/11025 directly. The 1320S connected externally can output current up to 100A. The bias current scan frequency triggered automatically or manually can analyze the iron core characteristics in inductor for quality inspection and product feature analysis. They are the best measurement instruments combination for inductor test.

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Bias Current Source

Bias Current Source 0-20A

Bias Current Source 0-10A

Bias Current Source (Slave)

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