Power Conversion System (PCS) ATS Model 8000

Key Features

The power conversion system (PCS) is a device connected between the battery system and the grid to achieve bidirectional conversion of energy. The versatile Chroma 8000 ATS serves as the base and can be customized for automated testing and verification of energy storage inverters. Combined with bidirectional test and measurement devices, the equipment performs PCS grid, performance, input and output characteristics, and protection characteristics testing, as well as photovoltaic (PV) characteristics testing. The test items can meet the requirements of global test standards such as the international IEC 62933, Chinese GB/T 34120 and GB/T 34133, Korean SGSF-04-2012-07, and German VDE-AR-N 4105. Users only need to determine the test conditions and specifications, after which the optimized PCS test items allow automated testing of the inverter.

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 PCS Test Items & Specifications

Chroma's PV Inverter (PCS) Test Guide offers a comprehensive overview of international regulations on ESS, such as GB/T 34120, GB/T 34133, IEC 62933, and SGSF-04, as well as the German VDE-AR-N 4105 standard on generators connected to the low-voltage distribution network. The test guide covers a total of over 20 inverter test requirements divided over PCS grid, PCS performance, PCS input and output characteristics, PCS protection characteristics testing, as well as PV characteristics test categories.

Particularly with regards to the short-circuit current test requirements of the VDE standard, the test guide also proposes a unique technology to accurately measure the maximum output short-circuit current of the DUT. This will resolve any disputes over whether the protection mechanism of the DUT or of the simulator is the first to activate as well as eliminate the risk of power trips caused by a short circuit connected to the power grid. 

With Chroma 8000 ATS as the base, the platform can combine complete series of power grid/battery simulators and test devices to complete 20+ automated PCS test items.

PCS On-grid Tests

  • Current harmonic test in grid mode
    (Refer to CGC/GF004:2011 6.1, GB/T34120 5.4.4 GB/T34133 6.5.1, IEC62933-2-1
  • Power factor control test
  • Over-frequency active power feeding control test
    (Refer to VDE-AR-N 4105:2011
  • Low voltage ride through capability
    (Refer to GB/T34120 5.4.12, GB/T34133 6.8, SGSF-04 7.3.5)
  • Anti-islanding protection test
    (Refer to GB/T34120 5.5.9, GB/T34133 6.9 p18 VDE-AR-N 4105:2011 6.5.3)

PCS Performance Tests

  • Charge/discharge transfer time test
    (Refer to GB/T34120 5.4.13, GB/T34133 6.1.2)
  • Active grid mode and islanded mode switching test
    (Refer to GB/T34133 6.2.2, SGSF-04
  • Power grid voltage distortion waveform adaptability test
    (Refer to EN60204-1)

PCS Protection Characteristics Tests

  • Over load test in grid mode
    (Refer to SGSF-04-2012-07 7.2.6, IEC62933-5-1 7.4)
  • Over load test in islanded mode
    (Refer to GB/T34120 5.5.4, GB/T34133 6.11.4)
  • Output short circuit protection & short circuit current in grid mode
    (Refer to SGSF-04-2012-07 7.3.1, GB/T34120 5.5.1, GB/T34133 6.11.1, VDE-AR-N 4105:2011 5.7.2)
  • Frequency adaptability test
    (Refer to GB/T34120, GB/T34133 6.7.1, IEC62933-2-1 6.2.8, SGSF-04 8.1.1)
  • AC voltage adaptability test
    (Refer to GB/T34120, GB/T34133 6.7.2, IEC62933-2-1 6.2.8, SGSF-04 8.1.1)
  • DC side over/under voltage protection test
    (Refer to GB/T34120 5.5.3, GB/T34133 ,, SGSF-04 7.2.1)

Photovoltaic (PV) Characteristics Tests

  • MPPT efficiency test
    (Refer to Sandia, EN50530, CGC/GF004:2011)
  • PV conversion efficiency test
    (Refer to Sandia, EN50530, CGC/GF004:2011)
  • Anti-discharge protection test

PCS Input and Output Characteristics Tests

  • Rectification charging efficiency test
    (Refer to GB/T34120 5.4.1, GB/T34133 6.3.2, IEC62933-2-1 6.2.3)
  • PCS efficiency test in grid mode
    (Refer to GB/T34120 5.4.1, GB/T34133 6.3.3, SGSF-04 8.1.2, IEC62933-2-1 6.2.3)
  • PCS efficiency test in islanded mode
    (Refer to GB/T34120 5.4.1, GB/T34133 6.3.3)
  • Standby loss test
    (Refer to GB/T34120 5.4.2, GB/T34133, IEC62933-2-1 5.2.6/6.2.6)
  • No-load loss test
    (Refer to GB/T34120 5.4.2, GB/T34133
  • Power factor test
    (Refer to CGC/GF004:2011 7.1, GB/T34120 5.4.8, GB/T34133 6.6.3)
  • DC component measurement
    (Refer to CGC/GF004:2011 8.1, GB/T34120 5.4.5, GB/T34133 6.5.7)
  • Stabilized current precision and current ripple during CC charging
    (Refer to GB/T34120 5.4.9, GB/T34133 ,
  • Stabilized voltage precision and voltage ripple during CV charging
    (Refer to GB/T34120 5.4.10, GB/T34133 ,
  • Voltage total harmonic distortion test in islanded mode
    (Refer to GB/T34120 5.4.15, GB/T34133 6.5.4, IEC62933-2-1

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