Measurement Items
Provides chromaticity, luminance, contrast, uniformity and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) measurements for a variety of display applications.


12-bit High Resolution Thermoelectrically Cooled (TEC) CMOS
Chroma 71803 2D Color Analyzer is equipped with a high-resolution scientific-grade camera, a 12-bit high-resolution chip, and a TEC with precise temperate control, enabling accurate, fast and highly repeatable measurements.


Closer to Real Human Vision
With CIE-matched and ND filters, the measurement results closely correspond to the actual visual perception of the human eye.

2D Chromaticity and Luminance Measurement
The 71803 2D Color Analyzer uses a high-resolution camera to measure 2D chromaticity and luminance, ideal for test applications that require speed and large numbers of measurement points, such as flat panel display uniformity and LED/Mini LED backlight measurement.

Interchangeable Lens
Lenses can be purchased according to the needs of the measurement application, covering a wide range of displays and LEDs. (Optional)

AR Product Inspection Applications
The 71803-3 2D color analyzer can be equipped with a special AR lens to assess the quality of AR modules or end products.

Uniformity Measurement
According to the defined luminance (in cd/m2) of the retrieved image, the user can customize the upper/lower limit of the luminous intensity parameter, analyze the image according to the obtained values, and make a circular selection of the differences in the image. (Optional)

  • Red frames indicate dark areas
  • Blue frames indicate bright areas




CIE Chromaticity Diagram
CIE chromaticity diagrams enable accurate simulation of real color values. The calibration function lets the user perform traceability calibration of standard factory equipment.

High-speed Image Transmission Interface
In order to achieve an even faster color optical test solution, the CoaXpress ultra-high-speed signal interface is used for transmission at data rates up to 6.25 Gb/s, or even rates as high as 25Gb/s when using four-wire simultaneous transmission, providing both fast and stable high-resolution image transmission.

Optics Master System Software
Chroma 71803 2D Color Analyzer features optical measurement software that enables the user to set any number of regions of interest (ROI) depending on the requirements of the application. The software can obtain the chromaticity and luminance of each region independently, and can detect defects, chromatic aberration and color shifts.

Measurement interface
The convenient home screen displays individual measurement items, a measurement item list and results statistics, and allows real-time viewing of the state of the DUT.

Instant display
The real-time imaging function enables the user to measure focus and field of view, and verify the DUT. The camera can continuously capture images according to the defined exposure time.

Regions of Interest (ROI) Definition
Users can set the Regions of Interest (ROI) and scan position with the included software. The edit function can automatically track these regions, and allows editing of the steps of successive measurements.

Calibration Functionality
After modifying the DUT, the user can perform calibrations of the intensity and color ratio of the DUT, and adjust the calibration according to the focal length of the lens in order to obtain the best image quality during measurement.

Application Range
Televisions, tablets, monitors, automotive, VR/AR, camera monitors, medical equipment, wearable devices, outdoor displays, and other imaging products.


Tablet, Monitor



Camera Monitor

Medical Equipment

Wearable devices

Outdoor Display

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