EV OBC/DC-DC Converter ATS Model 8000

  • CE Mark
Key Features
  • ATS for testing EV OBC and DC-DC converters
  • Supporting QC/T 895 and GB/T 24347 standards, conveniently implement relevant electrical and communication tests
  • Customizable fixture and connection panels, easily connect the UUT and test equipment and smoothly replace parts
  • Highly integrated and open architecture, adjust the test system and scope to individual test needs
  • Complete test report compilation
  • MES compatibility for production EOL testing and data uploading

  On-Board Charger ATS

On-board charger (OBC) converts the AC power of the charging station (EVSE) into DC power to charge the EV battery. Currently common OBC power specifications include 3.3kW, 6.6kW, 11kW, and 22kW. However, the future will bring increasing numbers of bidirectional on-board chargers (BOBCs) that apply to the EV through V2X modes. Chroma ATE provides test items that comply with QC/T 895 and other relevant test standards, assisting users with complete verification of various application modes on the unit under test (UUT).

OBC Test Architecture


BOBC Test Architecture

Standard Test Items

  • CAN Communication Test
  • Charger Input/Output Test
  • Charger Line Regulation Test
  • Charger Load Regulation Test
  • Charger Hold On Adjust Test
  • Charger Fin Ramp Shut Down Test
  • Charger Fin Ramp Start Up Test
  • Charger Over Load Protection Test
  • Charger OVP Test
  • Charger Peak Current Test
  • Charger Ripple & Noise Test
  • Charger Short Circuit Protection Test
  • Charger Static Test
  • Charger Vin Ramp Shut Down Test
  • Charger Vin Start Up Test
  • Four CAN bus channels support CAN bus and CAN FD bus
  • CAN bus and CAN FD bus TTL
  • Digital input/output

  AC EVSE Signal Emulator (80619)

  • Voltage, frequency, and duty cycles of the CP PWM signal can be set
  • Enable signal produces 12V and 24V output
  • AUX signal provides 16 independent channels with 12V and 24V output
  • Single Ethernet port input control function output
  • Protection circuits on the signal output terminals prevent output short-circuit protection

  BOBC Control Unit

  • High voltage interface sustains OBC UUT output and DD UUT input
  • Three-phase AC power interface provides OBC UUT input
  • Low voltage interface supplies DD UUT output
  • Optional source fixture switch simulates battery UUT voltage
  • Dual-channel auxiliary power source interface
  • Dual-channel low-current load interface
  • Ten independent DMM signals test interface
  • 5V trigger signal and two temperature resistant simulation channels interface
  • Single USB port input control function output

  DC-DC Converter ATS

Each EV will contain at least one DC-DC converter, the function of which is to convert the power of the battery into an auxiliary power output for system use. Chroma offers ATSs that comply with GB/T 24347 specifications, and can provide customized test solutions according to specific user needs.

Standard Test Items

  • CAN Communication Test
  • DC-DC Input/Output Test
  • DC-DC Line Regulation Test
  • DC-DC Load Regulation Test
  • DC-DC Hold On Adjust Test
  • DC-DC Over Voltage Protection Test
  • DC-DC Peak Current Test
  • DC-DC Ripple & Noise Test
  • DC-DC Short Circuit Protection Test
  • DC-DC Total Regulation Test
  • DC-DC Vin Ramp Shut Down Test
  • DC-DC Vin Ramp Start Up Test
  • DC-DC Total Efficiency Test

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EV OBC/DC-DC Converter ATS