Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment ATS (EVSE ATS) Model 8000

  • CE Mark
Key Features
  • Customized test solution that can be tailored to a wide range of testing requirements
  • Open system enables loading charging power curves of various vehicle models
  • Supports multi-coupler testing with different charging interfaces
  • System can be expanded for reserved charging power and communication interfaces
  • System includes bidirectional power supply and supports V2L/V2H/V2G
  • Support for global AC & DC related charging standards: 
    • AC: SAEJ1772, IEC62196-2, GB/T 20234.2 
    • DC: CCS, NACS, CHAdeMO, GB/T, GB/T 2015+, ChaoJi
    • Functional and communication protocol testing: IEC61851-1, IEC61851-23, GB/T18787, GB/T27930, ISO15118-4, ISO15118-5, ISO15118-20, DIN70122, CHAdeMO 0.9/1.0/2.0/3.0


AC charging stations work with the on-board charger (OBC) on the EV, in order to charge the power battery after AC/DC conversion.
Chroma's AC EVSE ATS is equipped with a variety of power output and communication interfaces that can test products with different powers, communication protocols, and specifications.

AC EVSE Control Unit

  • Simulates the EV charging circuit through AC EVSE tests: charging stages simulation, leakage current, ground open circuit, Control Pilot (CP) signal open circuit/ground short circuit, Connection Confirm (CC) signal open circuit, abnormal resistance simulation, etc.
  • Supports three types of AC charging couplers, compliant with SAE J1772, IEC 62196, and GB/T 20234
  • RB/RC resistor simulation and CP signal test
  • Offers trigger sync signal channels: StateB, StateC, StateD, Sync1, and GND_Sync
  • Optional NACS AC charging socket fixture


DC chargers pertain to fast charging; their voltage, current, and power are all higher than AC systems and they directly charge the power battery in the electric vehicle. Therefore, DC chargers require higher equipment specifications and communication technology. Chroma provides high-quality power electronics and charging test interfaces compatible in various countries to fully support all testing needs.

CCS, NACS, GBT, ChaoJI EV Communication Simulator (80713 & 80701)

  • Simulates vehicle-side charging circuits: simulates charging process, leakage current testing, ground fault testing, CP/CC signal abnormality testing, simulated abnormal resistance testing, etc.
  • PLC communication simulation, supports ISO15118-4/-5/-20, DIN70122
  • CAN communication simulation, supports GB/T 27930
  • Provides transmission and reception data time recording for communication protocols
  • Can simulate scenarios involving charging multiple EVs
  • Trigger signal channels: StateB, StateC, StateD, Sync1, GND_Sync

DC CHAdeMO EV Simulator

  • EV simulation supports CHAdeMO 0.9/1.0/1.2/2.0/3.0 testing regulations
  • Optional V2H test items available
  • Allows monitoring of CAN message data between simulator and EVSE

DC EVSE & EV Control Unit (2-in-1)

  • Can switch between EVSE functional testing or EV charging compatibility testing
  • Can simulate control pilot signals, and when combined with the 80701 CAN communication interface, supports GB/T 2015+ and ChaoJi test items
  • Supports control pilot circuitry for ChaoJi V2X

Mobile EVSE Test Solutions

Chroma creates customized mobile test solutions that can integrate and adapt test systems and vehicles. The mobile testers serve the need for maintenance and regular inspection of charging stations implemented anywhere. The test solutions are especially suitable for suppliers, automakers and auditing units to uphold the quality of products after shipment.

Global Test Standards

Chroma provides test systems that support relevant international test items, to assist users in exalting their products to the international stage. Use Chroma 8000 ATS to achieve testing of all major global test standards, including SAE, CNS, NB/T, GB/T, ISO, IEC, DIN, and CHAdeMO.

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Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment ATS (EVSE ATS)

EV Emulator for AC EVSE Testing (SAE / IEC / GB/T) 

Communication Interface Emulator (for CCS)

Communication Interface Emulator (for CHAdeMO)

EVSE & EV Emulator for DC EVSE Testing (for GB/T)

Communication Interface Emulator (for GB/T)