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Automated optical inspection uses machine vision inspection technology to perform high-speed and high-precision optical image verification and replace time-consuming and unstable manual visual inspection. Chroma offers AOI solutions that are equipped with high-resolution optical imaging, multi-functional light sources, and in-house developed white light interferometry. Combining innovative algorithms and AI analysis, the AOI solutions can perform accurate and reliable defect detection, color analysis, and sub-nano 3D profile measurement when integrated into a high-speed automated production line. Chroma's AOI solutions are the best choice to ensure your production quality.

AOI 시스템

공정중웨이퍼검사 Model7945
  • CE Mark
공정 중 웨이퍼 검사
Model 7945
  • 양면 검사(포스트-다이스드 웨이퍼)
  • 풀 컬러 결함 감지
  • 빠른 멀티 컴퓨터 이미지 처리
  • 공유형 자동 웨이퍼 로더
2D/3DWaferMetrologySystem Model7980
2D/3D Wafer Metrology System
Model 7980
Chroma 7980 2D/3D Wafer Metrology System is powered by patented BLiSTM technology to provide nanoscale nondestructive and rapid surface profile measurement and analysis. The system is suitable for up to 12" wafer with EFEM and SECS/GEM.
웨이퍼칩검사시스템 Model7940
웨이퍼 칩 검사 시스템
Model 7940
  • 동시 양면 컬러 검사
  • 6"/8”웨이퍼 검사
  • 자동 웨이퍼 정렬
  • 웨이퍼 셰이프/엣지 식별
MiniLEDBacklightModuleAutomaticOpticalTestSystem Model7661-K003
Mini LED Backlight Module Automatic Optical Test System
Model 7661-K003
  • Integrated 71803-2 2D Color Analyzer executes brightness, color, and defect analysis on Mini LED
  • Test items: chromaticity, brightness, luminous intensity, uniformity, voltage, current, and dead lights
  • Optional Chroma LED power tester and optical module allow integration into a test system