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Automated optical inspection uses machine vision inspection technology to perform high-speed and high-precision optical image verification and replace time-consuming and unstable manual visual inspection. Chroma offers AOI solutions that are equipped with high-resolution optical imaging, multi-functional light sources, and in-house developed white light interferometry. Combining innovative algorithms and AI analysis, the AOI solutions can perform accurate and reliable defect detection, color analysis, and sub-nano 3D profile measurement when integrated into a high-speed automated production line. Chroma's AOI solutions are the best choice to ensure your production quality.

AOI 시스템

공정중웨이퍼검사 Model7945
  • CE Mark
공정 중 웨이퍼 검사
Model 7945
  • 양면 검사(포스트-다이스드 웨이퍼)
  • 풀 컬러 결함 감지
  • 빠른 멀티 컴퓨터 이미지 처리
  • 공유형 자동 웨이퍼 로더
3DWaferMetrologySystem Model7980
3D Wafer Metrology System
Model 7980
이 시스템은 백색광 간섭 측정 기술을 사용하여 비파괴적이고 신속한 표면 프로필 측정 및 분석을 수행하며, 이는 12" 웨이퍼에 적합합니다.
웨이퍼칩검사시스템 Model7940
웨이퍼 칩 검사 시스템
Model 7940
  • 동시 양면 컬러 검사
  • 6"/8”웨이퍼 검사
  • 자동 웨이퍼 정렬
  • 웨이퍼 셰이프/엣지 식별
Multi-FunctionalOpticalMeasuringSystem Model7505-05
Multi-Functional Optical Measuring System
Model 7505-05
  • Applies to Mobile phone cosmetic, battery, CG quality testing
  • Integrated with 2D & 3D measurement in one system
  • Tunnel measurement design for High measurement speed
  • Provide immediate histogram to show the quality of each test items immediately
MiniLEDBacklightModuleAutomaticOpticalTestSystem Model7661-K003
Mini LED Backlight Module Automatic Optical Test System
Model 7661-K003
  • Integrated 71803-2 2D Color Analyzer executes brightness, color, and defect analysis on Mini LED
  • Test items: chromaticity, brightness, luminous intensity, uniformity, voltage, current, and dead lights
  • Optional Chroma LED power tester and optical module allow integration into a test system