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ATS (자동 테스트 시스템)

FrontProjectorATS Model7600A
Front Projector ATS
Model 7600A
  • 0.001 Lux ultra low illumination display range
  • Comply with ANSI-1997, JBMIA, IEC projector testing standards
  • 29 sets chroma meter & Illuminance meter measuring at the same time, high test throughput
  • Integrated with Video Pattern Generator and one click to complete all measurements
MiniLEDBacklightModuleAutomaticOpticalTestSystem Model7661-K003
Mini LED Backlight Module Automatic Optical Test System
Model 7661-K003
  • Integrated 71803-2 2D Color Analyzer executes brightness, color, and defect analysis on Mini LED
  • Test items: chromaticity, brightness, luminous intensity, uniformity, voltage, current, and dead lights
  • Optional Chroma LED power tester and optical module allow integration into a test system