Chroma's passive component test solutions provide the instruments, systems, and automated test equipment required for production and reliability testing on various passive components such as inductors, transformers, capacitors, and resistors. They can also be used to test the LCR and insulation resistance parameters. Chroma's electrical safety test solutions encompass measuring instruments such as AC and DC withstand voltage, insulation, ground resistance, and dynamic leakage current required by electronic products and parts. The automated systems meet composite testing of medical equipment. The partial discharge testers detect abnormal discharges to ensure product quality. For various electromagnetic coils, Chroma also provides high-tech layer short test equipment and comprehensive test equipment, which simplifies the complex requirements of the test system.

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수동 컴포넌트 ATS

InductorBiasCurrentAutomaticTestMachine Model1871B
Inductor Bias Current Automatic Test Machine
Model 1871B
  • Choose between 2 or 5 test stations
  • Test fixture with high current withstand(>20A) 
  • Test frequencies (5 stations): 600 ~1200 (ppm)
  • Proprietary data collection software
커패시터테스트시스템 Model1820
커패시터 테스트 시스템
Model 1820
  • 고주파 정현파 전류: 1kHz~20kHz, 10kHz~200kHz
  • DC 바이어스 전압: 최대 5,000V
  • 커패시터 내구성 및 온도 증가 테스트
  • 커패시터 내전류 테스트(주파수 스위핑)
  • 소프트웨어 제어 지원
  • 사용자 지정 테스트 모듈