Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Test Guide and Quick Detecting Method


Passive Component

Multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) is a type of ceramic capacitor with a capacitance value that is proportional to the surface area of the product and the number of ceramic film stacks. Its physical properties make an MLCC resistant to high voltage and high heat as well as operable under a wide temperature range. MLCCs are widely used in electronics, since they can be shaped into small chips with large capacitance, good frequency characteristics, low loss rate when used under high frequency, applications for mass production, low price, and high stability. This application note will illustrate how to effectively verify the quality of MLCC products.

  • Capacitor Working Principle
  • Basic MLCC Parameter Test Methods
  • Other MLCC Dielectrics Verification Methods
  • Chroma Test Solutions
Chroma Test Solutions

Chroma 11050-5MHz HF LCR Meter

Test target: C/D/ESR for MLCC

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Chroma 11210 Battery Cell Insulation Tester

Test target: IR (insulation resistance) / LC (leakage current) / BDV (breakdown voltage) for MLCC

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Chroma 1820 Capacitor Test System

Test target: Ripple current for MLCC

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