Electric Vehicle Charging Compatibility ATS Model 8000

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Key Features

Based on Chroma 8000 ATS, the customizable system distinctively offers EV AC/DC charging compatibility testing.

  • Automatic test system (ATS) based on Chroma 8000 ATS
  • Customized test plans depending on test conditions
  • Open architecture using commands to edit test items and programs
  • Modular architecture that flexibly handles different test conditions and standards
  • User-friendly operation for easy, time-saving testing
  • Supported national standards:
    • SAE J1772
    • CNS 15511
    • NB/T 33001, NB/T 33002, NB/T 33008.1, NB/T 33008.2 (China)
    • GB/T 18487.1, GB/T 27930, GB/T 34657, GB/T 34658 (China)
    • AC/DC charging test standards of IEC 61851 (EU)
    • ISO 15118, DIN 70121/22 for CCS (Combined Charging System)
    • DC test standards for CHAdeMO (Japan)

News:Chroma ATE Inc. Cooperated with SOIC to Develop World's First Charging Interface Simulator ATS in Compliance with CHAdeMO Standards

News:Chroma CCS EV Charging Test System Adopted by Major U.S. EV Manufacturer

 Interoperable AC EV Charging Test Structure

Integrating AC/DC sources, simulators, and relevant signal generators, Chroma presents a complete EV charging compatibility test solution in accordance with major global standards. Through this test system, users can test EV by simulating global charging standards and environments.


 AC EVSE Signal Emulator (80619)

  • Sets the PWM signal input source of CP (Control Pilot) signal to either directly generate the PWM signal internally or input from an external signal generator.
  • Allows setting voltage, frequency, and duty cycle of CP PWM signal.
  • Simulates CC resistance signal output.
  • Offers Enable signal with 12V and 24V output.
  • AUX signal supplies 16 channels of 12V and 24V output.
  • Presents box instrument control by single Ethernet port.
  • Signal outputs are equipped with short circuits protection.


 AC/DC EV Charging Control Unit

  • Displays an integrated test interface for power and signal.
  • The quick connect design provides standard charging couplers that can be easily switched according to specific test requirements.


 DC EV Charging Compatibility ATS

DC charging pertains to fast charging; its voltage, current, and power are all higher than AC systems and it directly charges the power battery in the electric vehicle. Therefore, DC charging requires higher equipment specifications and communication technology. Chroma provides high-quality power electronics and charging test interfaces compatible in various countries to fully support all testing needs.


 DC EV Simulators


CCS DC EVSE Simulator

  • Simulates PLC communication for electric vehicles and supports testing of ISO 15118, DIN 70121/22 and other communication standards.


CHAdeMO EVSE Simulator

  • Compliant with CHAdeMO regulations, can simulate the charging station as well as the charging process for DC EV testing.
  • Simulator supports CHAdeMO 0.9/1.0/1.1 test regulations.
  • CAN1 supplies CAN Data to monitor the simulator and EVSE.


Communication Interface Emulator (80618)

  • Communicates with the Chroma 8000 software system through the Ethernet interface.
  • Provisions a total of four channels CAN bus that support CAN 2.0B (29-bit) arbitration ID.
  • Following GB/T 27930 regulations, the multi-core data refers to the SAE J1939 communication protocol and provides records of message transfer and reception time.
  • Each unit supports a set of one RS-232 and one RS-485.
  • 16 DIs and 16 DOs use a dry contact mode that controls DO and reads DI statuses through the system software or uses the GB/T 27930 function to control DO output when sending/receiving data.
  • Connects to A806110 through Ext-BU, each unit has two I2C and SMBus communication interfaces. I2C can support the role of slave, while I2C clock can be 1MHz (port 1) or 400kHz (port 2).


 Global Test Standards

Chroma provides test systems that support relevant international test items, to assist users in exalting their products to the international stage. Use Chroma 8000 ATS to achieve testing of all major global test standards, including SAE, CNS, NB/T, GB/T, ISO, IEC, DIN, and CHAdeMO.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Compatibility ATS

AC EVSE Signal Emulator

Communication Interface Emulator (for GB/T)

Communication Interface Emulator (for CCS)

Communication Interface Emulator (for CHAdeMO)

Panel to connect with Charging Coupler