Inductor Bias Current Automatic Test Machine Model 1871B

주요 특징
  • Application size:
    • 1.0 x 0.6 mm ~ 3.2 x 2.5 mm
    • Height≦2mm
  • Test frequencies (5 stations):600 ~1200(ppm)
  • Bias current test judgment functions:
    • Unbiased current inductance value
    • Inductance ratio of pre- and post-bias current
  • Choose between 2 or 5 test stations
  • Indexing table design prevents parts spillage
  • Pair with Chroma 11050 for test frequencies up to 10MHz
  • Test fixture with high current withstand (>20A)
  • Each test station has its own defective product collection box
  • Proprietary data collection software designed to monitor product quality in real-time
  • Perform zero calibration with included software
  • English/Japanese/Chinese operation interface
  • Equipment is fast, stable and safe

Chroma 1871B is an automatic test system specifically designed for bias current testing of chip-type inductors. In response to the strict safety standards of the global automotive market, it offers a comprehensive test solution for functions and specifications of electronic components used in automotive products.

The Chroma 1871B bias current test system primarily focuses on quality testing of chip inductors. When the inductor's production line testing process includes a bias current test, the inductor will be unable to return to its zero point due to the momentary changes in the B-H magnetic area, which are caused by remanence. This will briefly affect the inductor's Ls/Q value, which will generally recover after tapping, resting at a high temperature or resting for an extended period of time. Therefore, if the bias current test capability is integrated into the inductor test and packaging machinery and is routinely performed, the Ls/Q value gets insufficient rest time after excitation from the bias current test, which in turn can cause production issues. This means that a test setup which combines a bias current test and an Ls/Q test into one automatic test and packaging machine is unsuitable for certain inductors. Thus, it is necessary to dedicate an independent machine toward testing the bias current specifications.

Chroma 1871B has a maximum production efficiency of 1,200 units per minute. It can perform tests using five bias current test stations at a time, meeting the demands of fast and high-capacity mass production. Another option is to match just two bias current test stations and perform additional pre-testing specifically for products with bias current test requirements. This enables meeting specific testing requirements with less equipment, providing a cost-effective solution for smaller production volumes.

Chroma 1871B uses a vibratory bowl feeder to transport small parts at high speeds, which is faster and saves more space than conventional linear reciprocating feeders. Furthermore, Chroma 1871B's test area is designed with closed indexing table architecture to avoid spilling of parts at high speeds, in addition to being more stable and faster than traditional designs.

Chroma 1871B features dedicated software that monitors test status in real time during production and collects and saves test data for each individual product. This realtime monitoring function helps to reduce production risks and unnecessary man-hours. The data collection function can assist R&D and quality assurance units in product analysis or quality control. The software can also perform data analysis, leading to improved quality and increased profits.

Chroma has more than 30 years of experience in the field of precision testing instruments. Not only do we specialize in precision electronics testing technology, we can also tailor the fixtures used in automatic test systems to your needs, completing and perfecting your automation equipment.


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