Power Module Model A223808

The following specification is preliminary and subject to change without notice.
The Power Delivery 3.1 specification defines a maximum power supply of 240W (48V/5A). To meet this test requirement, the A223808 can be connected as a Power Module for 240W power specification testing. The module can switch between power roles according to the requirements of the DUT and has both Source and Load functions. This means that users do not need to connect two separate power devices to test whether the DUT operates normally and meets the specifications under different voltage and current environments.

The A223808 is equipped with a Programmable Precision Power Supply (PPPS) function which allows users to set the voltage range from 5V to 48V in increments as small as 1 mV, making it easy to precisely adjust voltage and current.

The supported Power Role monitoring function (Source/Sink) can automatically read the power role of the DUT through the Power Delivery protocol and carry out automatic/manual Power Role Swapping, helping users to confirm whether the DUT is supplying power or receiving power.

Chroma A223808 provides OVP (Over Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), and UCP (Under Current Protection). You can set your own protection parameters; if the current or voltage of the DUT is detected to exceed the set value during the output process, the protection mechanism will be activated immediately to avoid product damage.

When conducting a series of tests, test accuracy is often affected by voltage drops in the power transmission caused by cables, connectors, and distance. To mitigate this, the module is equipped with a Remote Sensing function that can automatically adjust the output to harmonize the difference between the actual test voltage and the set voltage.

Fast Role Swap (FRS) effectively ensures that devices which require power are always powered and are not affected by other devices in the vicinity. The A223808 supports FRS through the USB-C hub, and displays the results on the screen in real time so that users can confirm whether the FRS function of the DUT is working as it should.

High conductivity beryllium copper improves the conductivity between components and reduces electromagnetic radiation leakage interfering with the DUT, in compliance with CE/EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) standards.

Applications: displays, smartphones, notebooks, IC design, USB Type-C cables, power banks, digital set-top boxes, adapters, EMS Factories.



IC Design

USB Type-C cable

Power Bank

Set Top Box


EMS Factory
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