Energy Storage and Power Conversion System (PCS) Test Regulations and Requirements

2020.Oct.21 – 2020.Oct.21

October 21st
2:00PM EDT / 11:00AM PST



Currently, renewable energy accounts for 26.5% of all power sources and this percentage is growing. Energy harvested from renewables such as solar and wind can be unstable and intermittent which can impact grid stability. Implementing an Energy Storage System (ESS) can reduce that impact. ESS plays an important role in the development of smart grids and micro-grids in balancing the power load, steadying the power supply, and stabilizing the power quality.

A Power Conversion System (PCS) is a device for bidirectional conversion of electrical energy connected between the battery system and the grid and/or load. This device should have charge and discharge functions, active and reactive power control functions and off-line switching functions.

In this webinar, you will learn about Energy Storage Systems and Power Conversion Systems and their applications. You will also learn about PCS performance testing, input/output feature testing, and protection testing to international regulations and requirements. This deep dive will include test items, test procedures, and test specifications.

Seminar Agenda:
•    Energy Storage System
•    Power Conversion System
•    PCS International Regulation
•    PCS Testing Guide
•    PCS Test Solutions

We look forward to your attendance and feedback.


LarryLarry Sharp
Sr. Applications Engineer
Chroma Systems Solutions

Larry has been a Senior Applications Engineer with Chroma for over a decade.  With his +35 years' experience in power conversion test, Larry plays an important role in providing his technical knowledge to our customers and the rest of our organization.  He has written numerous technical articles, white papers, and application notes and hosted dozens of seminars on various test instrumentation and their applications.  Larry can be emailed at larrys@chromausa.com